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Our Biodynamic EVOO at the Altes Fährhaus Hotel (Germany)

08 August 2018

A special occasion to celebrate the exclusive Altes Fährhaus Hotel´s 150 anniversary. Based in Sylt, Germany, hundred of guests and most representative and carismatic chefs that have developed their career at the hotel during the last 20 years attended the event. We can mention Juan Amador (2* Michelin) and Alexandro Pape (2* Michelin) together with Sven Pietschmann. Prestigious brands such... Read more

El Invernadero Restaurant by Rodrigo de la Calle

02 August 2018

We have been to the new Restaurante El Invernadero by Rodrigo de la Calle *, who has brought his proposal to the center of Madrid! For us it is an honor that our Biodynamic EVOO remains in the hands of the genius of gastrobotany, who has also been recognized with a Michelin star. You can enjoy your new restaurant in calle Ponzano, 85, we share some photos of your latest creation with our... Read more


16 July 2018

We send our oils to Meki (Ethiopia) through Pablo Horstmann Foundation in order to collaborate in their project of access to food, schooling and health care for disadvantaged families. We are proud to make our EVOO arrive to the 55 countries where we work. And, even more, it is a great satisfaction, that thanks to the work of our team and the confidence of you consumers, we can also reach... Read more

Try delicious Cocktails with Arbequina&World!

11 July 2018

Travel around the world with these wonderful cocktails with the special touch of every corner of the world that Arbequina & World offers We took part in a creative and experimental workshop with our new creation of Arbequina & World flavors, and these are some of the wonders we developed! We hope that you will be encouraged to try them at home because ... you will love them! A... Read more


04 July 2018

As you know, this 2018 is the year of the Barn Owl. At present many buildings and old buildings where the barn owl was installed to nest, there are serious problems with the avifauna, in this particular case, with the owl, which has suffered a population decline of around 13% in the last decade. Together with Olivares Vivos, for years we have been carrying out various actions aimed at... Read more

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