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Christmas Recipe: Potatoe bricks with smoked arbequina mayonnaise and octopus

21 Декабрь 2017

 INGREDIENTS Potatoes  Octopus Oak Smoked arbequina olive oil Family Reserve arbequina EVOO  Paprika 2 Eggs Vinegar Salt PREPARATION Cut the potatoes in bricks or cubes and the octopus in not too thin slices. Prepare two kind of mayonnaise: Mayonnaise with smoked touch: put one of the eggs yolk  in a narrow container, add some drops of vinegar and our smoked... Read more

Christmas Recipe: Curly endive salad with pomegranate and First Day of Harvest Arbequina EVOO

21 Декабрь 2017

INGREDIENTS  Curly endive 2 pomegranates EVOO First Day of Harvest Arbequina Pine nuts PREPARATION Wash and chop the endive. Add the grains of pomegranates and the pine nuts. Finish with extra virgin olive oil First Day of Harvest Arbequina. ¡A quick,healty and elegant dish for Christmas! Enjoy here more christmas... Read more

Christmas Recipe: Grilled foie with sweet bread (brioche) and Arbequina&Co 04

21 Декабрь 2017

INGREDIENTS Fresh foie  Brioche or other sweet bread Arbequina&Co 04 PREPARATION Brown the foie on the grill. Dispose over the bread or brioche and finish with some drops of our olive oil Arbequina&Co 04. Enjoy here more christmas... Read more

Queen scallop and shrimp Tartar with flying fish roe and red chilli 

20 Декабрь 2017

INGREDIENTS 10 queen scallops 1/2kg fresh shrimps Flying fish roe (or trout) Red Chilli 1/2 lime zest First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO  PREPARATION Chop the scallops and the shrimps in little cubes, this will be our tartare. Also chop the chilli very thin. Mix the previous ingredientes with the lime zest. Present it as tartar and dispose the fish roe on the top. Finish it with... Read more

Very special side dishes recipes for Thanksgiving!!

21 Ноябрь 2017

This year we want to surprise you with some special garnish for this special day ... see how they beautiful look!  4 Side dishes with basic ingredients that will surprise you Baby carrots with mint and our EVOO First Day of Harvest Arbequina. Just boil baby carrots, sprinkle fresh mint on top and finish with our extra virgin olive oil ... so fast and delicious! Brussels sprouts... Read more

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