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New Biodynamic Arbequina EVOO by Castillo de Canena

After reaping some of the most prestigious international awards for its Biodynamic Picual Oil

Castillo de Canena presents its first Biodynamic Arbequina Oil with official international certification 

  • Biodynamic agriculture represents a return to the roots of rural activity, “archeo-agriculture”, going more deeply into the concept of organic farming 
  • This is an extra virgin Arbequina oil with a fresh, lively and expressive character, notable for its hints of grass, olive leaf, green almond and artichoke 
  • The oil is presented in natural-colored 500mL bottles, printed with a constellation of stars and the moon in green and white, representing the forces of the Earth and the cosmos 

After receiving prestigious awards for its Biodynamic Picual Oil, Castillo de Canena reaffirms its commitment to the defense of the environment and of sustainable olive groves by launching its new extra-virgin Biodynamic Arbequina Olive Oil, bearing the International Association of Biodynamic Agriculture’s DEMETER seal.

biodinamico2-en-g2017This oil belongs to the exclusive collection “21st Century Oils”.A philosophy of complete integration and harmony with the ecosystem, the natural habitat and the cosmos is applied throughout its creation, going beyond the concept of organic farming.

From organic to biodynamic 

“Biodynamic farming entails not only totally excluding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from our fields, but also completely transforming the environment in which we produce. It takes us back to the very roots of rural activity. We refer to it as archaeo-agriculture,” explains Francisco Vañó, general director of Castillo de Canena.

From the inclusion of sheep in the farm to the creation of our own fertilizers (very rich in potassium and nitrogen) through composting, from the enrichment of the ground cover through the introduction of bee hives to the use of biological control agents, from the prevention of fungal problems on olive leaves using silica instead of copper to the application of various biodynamic preparations: all these measures that Castilla de Canena has incorporated go above and beyond the specifications of organic farming.

In this way, according to Francisco Vañó, “The Biodynamic concept involves achieving perfect harmony between the various forces that rule nature (the seasons, atmospheric phenomena, lunar cycles, etc.), the habitat, and the work of the farm, which should not alter the natural environment that exists around it.”

As a complement to the Biodynamic way of growing, Castillo de Canena has also created a forest with species of native trees (such as oaks, live oaks, ash trees, black poplars and junipers,) all around the olive groves in order to explore the notion of a Mediterranean forest in which the “humanized forest” works together with the “natural forest”.

The company has also introduced sheep that, together with the olive forest, help to naturally fix nutrients, reducing erosion and the loss of humidity, increasing the amount of organic matter in the ground, and acting as a primary fungicide and insecticide by providing habitat for beneficial creatures (butterflies, earthworms, beetles, ladybugs and birds) that control the pests that affect olive trees.BIO_PICUAL_ARBEQUINA_WEB

“A biodynamic farm should be self-sufficient.  It is essential that all the by-products and residues of the agricultural activity be re-integrated into the soil, generating life,” explains Francisco Vañó.

A new iconic extra virgin oil 

With production limited to 20,000 bottles, the new Biodynamic Arbequina oil has already found consumers in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan, among other countries.  It will become an exclusive point of reference for consumers of top-shelf products who are committed to caring for and respecting the environment.

Rosa Vañó, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Castillo de Canena, says, “This new project follows on the heels of the success of our Biodynamic Picual oil, which received, among other awards, the most prestigious Italian prize for organic products, the Best Organic in the World at BIOL — awarded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture— and the World’s Best Monocultivar Oil award given by Gino Celetti, as well as the highest score (98/98) in the most recent FlosOlei Guide.”

“Now with our new extra-virgin Biodynamic Arbequina oil we hope to follow the same path, offering a product with a high added value that will satisfy the most exacting clients and that entails a very high level of Research & Development & Innovation,” says Rosa Vañó.

Castillo de Canena’s commitment to sustainable agriculture continues through the project “The Earth for the Earth”, in which the Biodynamic Picual is now joined by Biodynamic Arbequina. This project works to construct water reservoirs and promote agricultural development in one of the poorest regions of the world: Lake Turkana (Ethiopia and Kenya) through the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle.Castillo de Canena - Siega diente oveja 3

“Our Biodynamic Arbequina EVOO is packaged in a rough-textured, natural-colored bottle, suggesting this concept of a return to the roots and the origins of rural activity,” notes Rosa Vañó. It comes in 500mL cylindrical bottles, printed in green and white with a constellation of stars and moon, the union of earth and heavens. It is a fresh tasting, lively and expressive extra-virgin arbequina oil, notable for its hints of grass, olive leaf, green almond and artichoke.

21st Century Oils 

The 21st Century Oils are a collection that seeks to offer novelties and different concepts within a category of products that has existed for over 3000 years. It represents a sensorial experience for the palate, inviting the consumer to taste and enjoy innovative oils that surprise with their originality, their differentiation, and their commitment to the very highest standards of quality.

After presenting “Early Royal” within this collection, we presented “The Horizontal Tasting” (oils from one same varietal—Arbequina—made with oils harvested in three consecutive months: October, November and December.) Third we released “Oak Smoked Arbequina” and lastly, “Biodynamic Picual.”


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