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Beef with pistachio, wild rice, black garlic pesto and our First Day Harvest Picual

Ternera_Pistacho_Chiarini_Castillo_de_Canena_olive_oilThe international chef and nutrition expert Anna Chiarini, has published her incredible book with a careful photography worthy of a collector: “The Art of Eating Healthy“. You will find 42 delicious and healthy recipes which have been cooked with our extra virgin olive oils … what a great honor!

Carnivores… Congratulations today!  Here’s a dish you can’t miss: Beef with pistachio!

Beef is abundant in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, zinc, selenium, iron and phosphorus. Remember to watch your red meat intake and keep it under control. In addition, black garlic has a deep umami flavor, with hints of balsamic vinegar. It preserves all the nutritional values of regular garlic; additionally it is well tolerated by the digestive system so the chance of gastric distress is completely minimised. This dish combines harmonically Mediterranean and Asian flavors, and you can enjoy it for both lunch and dinner.


Serves: 4 Preparation

Time: 45 min – 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Non Vegan / Gluten Free / For other allergens please check the ingredients


  • Castillo_de_Canena_Primer_Dia_Cosecha_Juan_Eslava_Galan_Picual_ESPAÑOL.600 g = 21 oz Beef fillet (high quality, from a reliable source)
  • 400 g = 14 oz Wild rice (for example Canadian or from Minnesota-U.S.A)

Pistachio & Lime Crust:

  • 2 g = 1 tsp Lime zest
  • 15 g = 2 tbsp Pistachio

Rucola / Black Garlic Pesto:


Bring 1,2l (5 cups) of salted water to boil and stir in the rice (the ratio is 1 part wild rice with 3 parts water). Reduce the heat and simmer; average cooking times range from 30 to 50 minutes.

Wild rice is properly cooked when kernels are tender and some have burst open to reveal a cream-colored interior. For optimum taste, the chewy texture should remain after cooking. Overcooking will cause split kernels to curl.

In a blender coarsely grind pistachio with lemon zest. In a blender mix black garlic, rucola, olive oil and salt. Pulse until a uniform creamy consistency is obtained. Mix the wild rice with the pesto in a bowl.

Sear the beef fillet to your desired term.

Assemble the dish as in the photo or to your liking.

If you want to get all recipes, you can buy this unique recipe book that also has an impeccable picture in the following links :



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