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Our Biodynamic, “The Best of the World 2017” by Gino Celletti

We have many reasons to celebrate!! Our Biodynamic Picual EVOO has been awarded as the “Best of the World” in the Bio 2017 ecological contest of the international competition Monocultivar olive oil by the expert Gino Celleti, with 9.8 points, the highest score of the contest!!! This is the second time we have won this award with our biodynamic.MONOCULTIVAR_Mejor_del_Mundo_AOVE

In the monovarietal contest Expo 2017 of the same competition our extra virgin olive oils Family Reserve Picual and our Early Royal won TOP GOLD medal (both with 9.5 points)! And our Family Reserve Arbequina has won GOLD with 9.0 points.

This competition annually recognize the best olive oils of the world of organic cultivation and monovarietal. Last year we got the award of the “Best Aroma of the Year” with our Biodynamic Picual & Early Royal.

We are very happy with the results of the competition! Thanks a lot for your support!

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