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Leña restaurant, in Marbella, by Dani García

13 August 2020

Do you already know the latest from the 3-star Michelin chef Dani García? It's in Marbella and it's called LEÑA restaurant! As always with Dani García, the product is a fundamental pillar of its cuisine, and this time it will surprise you too! It is an honor that our EVOO is among its allies ... looking forward you to taste it! enjoy!... Read more

Rosa Vañó, President of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism

29 July 2020

Our commercial director, Rosa Vañó, appointed as the new president of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism (AAGT). We share with you a fragment of an interesting interview in AGRO MAGAZINE. ** You can find the original one at the following link: Interview with Rosa Vañó by Agro Magazine. "Andalusia is pure gastronomy and tourism, and you have to know how to position it... Read more

Artikel Front Row Society – Carola Faber

11 May 2020

Mit großer Freude und Stolz teilen wir mit Ihnen den Artikel, den uns die renommierte deutsche Journalistin Carola Faber in der Zeitschrift Front Row Society gewidmet hat. Diese Publikation genießt großes Ansehen dank der authentischen, wertvollen und kraftvoll illustrierten Geschichten, die sie bereits auszeichnen und die sie zu einer exklusiven Zeitschrift in Deutschland... Read more

Collaboration agreement with the Regeneration Academy

26 February 2020

We have reached a collaboration agreement with the Regeneration Academy, through different activities. On the one hand, we welcomed in our countryside and castle interns from many countries, who wanted to deepen their knowledge in sustainable agricultura and envornmentally friend olive growing, for example. That is percisely pillar of our company. In addition, the Academy itself will develop... Read more

Luisa Solano’s proyect: Culinary Nutrition and Gastronomy Applied in Swallowing Disorders

06 February 2020

2ND INTERNATIONAL YALE SYMPOSIUM ON OLIVE OIL AND HEALTH From 1 to 4 December, Yale University, its School of Public Health, and its Department of Environmental Health Sciences hosted the 2nd International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil and Health at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (Greece). This international symposium is an initiative set up by the Yale Olive Institute, headed by... Read more