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Fine sandwich “homage to the sardine”

25 May 2016

INGREDIENTS Bread Tostado Mini by Triticum Smoked sardines Acorn Iberian bacon Watercress Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest Arbequina EVOO MICA Oro Ale Premium artisanal beer PREPARATION First, we will freeze the piece of Iberian bacon and then, when frozen, we will cut some thin slices with a mandolin slicer. Open the Mini Toasted bread of Triticum, which stand out... Read more

Stuffed apples with Arberquina&Co, by Concha Bernard

09 May 2016

Today we share with you a very special recipe prepared with our oils by Concha Bernard (blog Cocina y Aficiones) ... we are delighted! On this occasion, Concha surprises us with some delicious stuffed apples that can be served as an appetizer or as first course. They have the special touch of our latest project of oils Arbequina& Co! Ingredients for four people 4 small apples  1 acid... Read more

Valentine Menu with Castillo de Canena EVOO

11 February 2016

February 14th is the day of love and friendship. The best way to celebrate it is with a special menu for this day. Here we is the menu we have made with our extra virgin olive oil Arbequina & Co. Perfect to seduce any palate !!! :) Appetizers Cava cocktail and Oysters with Arbequina&Co EVOO Coeur de NeufChatel Cheese with Arbequina&Co EVOO Starter Asparagus with 2 Arbequina&Co... Read more

Valentine’s Day picnic with Arbequina&Co

11 February 2016

If your idea of celebrating valentine is sharing an afternoon at the park. we suggest a picnic with: Ham and basil sandwiches Cheese appetizer Everything you could imagine! And of course with the touch of Arbequina & Co. Watch here the entire menu Febuary... Read more

Valentine’s Day Appetizer: Cava cocktail and oysters with Arbequina&Co EVOO

10 February 2016

With Arbequina&Co is time to cheers the glasses and toast to love with a delicious cava cocktail. Take it with oysters to give an aphrodisiac touch to this appetizer. For the cocktail: Fill the glass with half of cava and the other orange juice, add a few drops of Arbequina&Co "01" and feel the bitter orange, thyme and orange blossom flavor. The oysters Serve it with a few drops... Read more