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Cheese Macaroons in Africa

13 December 2018

Stylish and colorful macaroons in the middle of an African safari! The cheese along with the sweet and enigmatic touch of Arbequina & World Africa will conquer you! INGREDIENTS For macaroons (you can also buy already made): 30 g. sugar, 110 g sugar glass, 50 g. egg whites, 60 g. of ground almonds and dyes if we want For the filling: Torta del Casar cheese (or another creamy... Read more

The most Nordic caviar blinis in Europe

13 December 2018

We're going to the Nordic countries! INGREDIENTS Blinis Salmon or trout roe Sour cream Arbequina & World Europa (99.5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina Castillo de Canena + Dill seed, caraway, nutmeg and coriander seed) PREPARATION Place a teaspoon of sour cream and caviar on the blinis and finish with a few drops of our new Arbequina & World Europe olive oil that will... Read more

Try delicious Cocktails with Arbequina&World!

11 July 2018

Travel around the world with these wonderful cocktails with the special touch of every corner of the world that Arbequina & World offers We took part in a creative and experimental workshop with our new creation of Arbequina & World flavors, and these are some of the wonders we developed! We hope that you will be encouraged to try them at home because ... you will love them! A... Read more

Cocktails with Arbequina&World – America

11 July 2018

Achirana – Tequila -5cl – Fresh Pinneaple Slice + Panela Burned – Fresh Coriander 2 cl – Sugar 1cl – Lime 2 cl + Angostura Bitter 5 drops – Arbequina&World America 1cl *Shaker Garnish: Pineapple leave + Macis + Gold dust Taima – Bourbon -5cl – Red Apple Juice 2.5cl – Pink Pepper –Lemon 3cl – Maple Syrup 2 cl – Arbequina&World... Read more

Cocktails with Arbequina&World – Asia

11 July 2018

Khirtana – Cucumber –Cherry Tomatoes + Peppers – Tomato Juice 10 cl – Lemon 1cl – Sake 2 cl – Ophir Gin 3 cl – Spicy Mix + Soja – Arbequina&World Asia 1cl *Rolling technique Kagustshuki - Sake -5cl + Vodka 2cl – Yuzu Liquor Enamor 2.5cl – Cardamom 1 seed broken – Arbequina&World - Asia 1 spoon * Service in Icing Tea Pot with CO2 Garnish... Read more