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Thanksgiving: the new version of your Bloody Mary

21 November 2016

We'll start Thanksgiving dinner with the classic Bloody Mary.... but we will prepare the new version of this classic & elegant cocktail thanks to our First Day of Harvest extra virgin olive oil (the red bottle!) INGREDIENTS  3 parts of your favourite gin 6 parts of natural tomato juice Pinch of salt & black pepper 3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 3 tbsp Tabasco sauce 1 squirt of... Read more

Seafood Dip with smoked extra virgin olive oil

26 Oktober 2016

INGREDIENTS  1 can of pickled mussels 1 can of anchovies 6 surimi sticks Olive Oil Oak Smoked Arbequino (our smoked olive oil, The Blue bottle!) Crudités  or nachos PREPARATION Place 2 anchovies, the whole can of pickled mussels with 3 tablespoons of Oak Smoked Arbequino EVOO together in the blender. Beat well. Cut the surimi sticks with a thickness of about 2cm. Mix the... Read more

Popcorn with curry and smoked oil

26 Oktober 2016

INGREDIENTS  Popcorn – natural or those prepared for microwave Curry Oak Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil (the cute blue bottle!) PREPARATION Make popcorn in the microwave (or pan). Once done, sprinkle with Oak Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil Castillo de Canena . Sprinkle curry to taste. Thanks to our experience and know-how, our smoked olive oil gives a unique touch to your dishes. Proof of... Read more

Cheddar cheese in two colors and Arbequina&Co

26 Oktober 2016

INGREDIENTS  1 yellow Cheddar bar 1 orange Cheddar bar EVOO Arbequina&Co PREPARATION Cut the different cheeses in cubes. Add as many droplets of Arbequina&Co as you wish. You can make the game to try each cheese with each of the numbers of Arbequina&Co! In any case, we recommend to accompany the yellow cheddar with Arbequina&Co 03 and the orange cheddar with... Read more

Refreshing and Healthy drinks with Arbequina&Co

01 September 2016

We want to share with you the excellent refreshing and healthy ideas proposed by the nutritionist and our friend Luisa Solano on her blog to keep an optimum hydration of our body. This is a fun way to consume flavored water with fresh fruits and a touch of our Arbequina&Co. We loved these refreshing proposals! Here is the preparation of them. You will want to try them all! Wash... Read more

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