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Valentine’s Appetizer: Oysters with Arbequina&Co

13 February 2017

Celebrate the day of love and friendship with an aphrodisiac appetizer. Serve your oysters with a few drops of our olive oil Arbequina&Co 02 and enjoy the special flavor of lemon, fennel and mint. As you know, this latest project combines 99.5% of our extra virgin olive oil Arbequina  with essential oils from flowers, plants and fruits. Do you want more Valentine's recipes? We have... Read more

Mexican Recipe: Meat Sauté

08 February 2017

Ingredients: Brisket Alpha potatoes Carrot Coriander Purple Onion Maggi sauce English sauce Salt and pepper Family Reserve Picual EVOO Preparation: 1. Cook and shred the meat. 2. Cut the potatoes and carrots into small cubes. 3. Rinse and reserve. 4. Combine the meat with the vegetable. 5. Add coriander and chopped onion. 6. Finally season with extra virgin olive oil Family... Read more

Mexican recipe: Fried Chile

08 February 2017

Ingredients: Jalapeno pepper Tomato Onion Garlic Bay Leaf Shredded chicken Oregano Egg Flour Salt Family Reserve Arbequina Castillo de Canena EVOO Preparation: Cook the chicken in a pan with aromatic base (garlic, onion, bay leaf), shred and reserve. Chop onion and tomato. Sauté and add the chicken and herbs. Wash the chili and remove the seeds, boil in water... Read more

Original crêpe recipe to celebrate La Chandeleur o

02 February 2017

Enjoy La Chandeleur with your favorite crêpes, here are two options to share with family and friends. On this occasion we have focused on some of the many options that gives us our Arbequina& Co olive oil (99.5% Arbequina EVOO + natural essential oils of different plants, flowers and fruits) ... Do not miss it! Salty crêpes tip: Prepare a mayonnaise with chopped surimi and shrimp,... Read more

La chandeleur Appetizer with Biodynamic evoo

31 January 2017

We join the French tradition of La Chandeleur with a very easy and quick crepes, to prepare it you just need: Salted pancakes by Ines Rosales Cherry tomatoes Parmesan cheese in flakes Thyme Picual Biodynamic Castillo de Canena EVOO Preparation Cut the tomatoes in half. Cover the pancakes with parmesan flakes and place some tomatoes on top. Then we finish with a trickle of... Read more