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A peregrine falcon in our olive grove

20 Februar 2017

In 2015 we signed an agreement with SEO/BirdLife to promote biodiversity in our olive groves. and since then we have  launched different actions in order to shelter more wildlife in our olive grove. And it's working! On the last SEO/Birdlife visit to our farm we had the privilege of spotting a peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird! We want to share a beautiful photo where Eduardo... Read more

Bottling on demand, one by one

15 Februar 2017

The excellence of our extra virgin olive oils starts from the collection, we tests in our farm in which zone and optimal time of maturation we can get the best olive juices. We take the harvested olives to our mill on a maximum time of 3 hours and by mechanical procedures, they are milled in cold with great care using the most advanced and modern technology. Once we have our EVOO, we keep... Read more

We keep cutting back greenhouse gas emission!!

13 Februar 2017

Keeping our commitment of cutting back the emission of greenhouse gases ... As you know, in Castillo de Canena we have a commitment of sustainability and care of the environment. In 2011, the audit firm Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified the carbon dioxide emissions needed to produce a bottle of our olive oil. From that moment, we have committed ourselves to reduce each year the gases that... Read more

The pruning is ready!

31 Januar 2017

The pruning is ready! At this time of the year we always prune our olive trees to make sure that our olives will be in optimum conditions for the next harvest.       Through this process, we discard damaged branches of damaged, we keep in well form the healthy ones and we keep a nice shape of our olive trees. With this procedure, our olive trees will be in perfect conditions for the new... Read more

Volunteers of Olivares Vivos in Castillo de Canena.

30 November 2016

We remain committed to environmental sustainability and the improvement of the environment. This is the reason why we are involved in the LIFE Project "Olivares Vivos" (Alive Olive Groves) in collaboration with SEO-BirldLife. This project will last 3 years and it includes many actions with the aim of enhancing biodiversity, encouraging nesting of birds, being the refuge of faunal species and... Read more

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