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2016-2017 harvest preview

13 September 2016

About to end the summer, we share with you the phenological state of the different varieties olives that we produce in Castillo de Canena: Arbequina, Picual & Royal. As you can see, you can perfectly observe the differences between the different types of olives and what it's more important, to confirm that the health status and its smoothness, firmness and chromaticism... Read more

Now we have our own weather forecasts!

08 September 2016

Faithful to our purpose to offer year after year the best quality of our extra virgin olive oils, we have developped a new project that will provide us our own climate forecasts. The project TERRA ACQUA, through METEOGRID program, will provide us the weather forecasts up to 60 days exclusively related to our olive grove. The program works with an algorithmic model, with more than 40... Read more

Sustainable measures to reduce water consumption

20 Juli 2016

We keep moving in Precision Agriculture that allows us to produce our recognized extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality! Thus, we have just incorporated the ZIM Water Sensor Probe, a probe that gives us continuous non-invasive measurement of the turgor pressure of the olive trees. This measure is directly related to the growth and productivity of the olive tree. Therefore, now... Read more

Planting cypresses, for a richer biodiversity!

22 Juni 2016

Now we are some more!! In these last days we have planted several hundred of cypresses (cupresus) in our farm!! Very soon they will create a beautiful border next to the Guadiana river that waters our olive grove ... besides having a wonderful shade for summertime! Thanks to this action, we continue supporting our active reforestation plan which we started in 2012. Our aim is to improve... Read more

Electrical lines insulation in our land

11 Mai 2016

Within our policy of environmental measures implementation , we have proceeded to isolate the wiring of power lines from our farm to prevent accidental electrocution of birds that live in it, especially birds of prey, both day and night. It is work that will promote biodiversity protection and preservation of native species of our land. Every action is important! Furthermore we remind... Read more