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Christmas Recipe: German sweet salad canapes with Arbequina EVOO mayonnaise

Christmas delicious appetizer with our Family Reserve Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.


Tartlets to fill
A chicken breast
Greek yogurt or sour cream
A can of pineapple in syrup
A can of white asparagus
Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO


Cook the chicken breast until tender. Dice into very small cubes.

Place three slices of pineapple in syrup on absorbent paper and press in order to remove the syrup. Change the absorbent paper several . Same procedure with asparagus. Cut both, pineapple and asparagus into small cubes.

Mix in a bowl three tablespoons of mayonnaise (prepared some time before with our Family Reserve Arbequina extra virgin olive oil) and two  tablespoons of sour cream. You can mix with a Little bit of cream to mix, if necessary.

In the same bowl, the pineapple, asparagus and chicken, until we have a balanced mix of ingredients  (chicken should be the principal ingredient).

Finally fill the small tartlets with the mix.

December 2015

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