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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy




This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the Castillo de Canena Group brings together the goals, principles, commitments, communication channels, monitoring systems and supervision mechanisms relating to the Group’s corporate social responsibility, in accord with the measures described in our Corporate Credo and following the principles of Good Governance.


This Policy applies to all the companies that make up the Group and all the persons related directly or indirectly to the Group, at a domestic and international level.

Therefore all of us who make up the Castillo de Canena Group have the responsibility to be aware of, understand and fulfill the guidelines defined in this document, especially (because of the importance of their role) the board members, executives and area managers.

Our hope is that the board members, executives, area managers and all other participants in the Group be those who carry out, actively promote and oversee the fulfillment of these principles and actions within their respective fields of responsibility, and that they integrate these policies into their daily activities and communications.


In the Castillo de Canena Group we consider Corporate Social Responsibility a way of understanding and carrying out our business that is oriented towards sustainable development: a form of growth that balances economic, social and environmental dimensions, integrates new stakeholders, and contributes to the creation of value for the society as a whole.

Therefore the Castillo de Canena Group will act and manage its affairs in accord with these principles that shape our identity and our business model.  We define them in five major blocks:


Support and respect the protection of fundamental human rights as defined in the International Bill of Human Rights as well as the principles enshrined in the Declaration of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in this field.

  1. The Castillo de Canena Group must ensure that it is not complicit in any violation of human rights.


  1. Support the elimination of all forms of forced or obligatory labor.
  2. Support the abolition of child labor.
  3. Support the elimination of discrimination for reasons of sex, race, religion… in employment and work.
  4. Facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities.
  5. Facilitate a balance between work and personal and family life.


  1. Take preventative actions to promote sustainable care for the environment.
  2. Foment initiatives that encourage greater environmental responsibility.
  3. Promote the development and diffusion of technologies that respect the environment through investment in R+D+i.


  1. Promote the implementation of corporate best practices, making transparency, risk management and the ethical and responsible governance of the Group maximum priorities.


  1. Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.
  2. Be transparent.

With this Policy, the Castillo de Canena Group pursues the following goals:

  1. To carry out its activities in an ethical, responsible and excellent manner – Respecting applicable laws and regulations;
  • In accord with the corporation’s values;
  • Behaving responsibly and continually pursuing excellence;
  • Placing people at the center of its mission.
  1. To boost the creation of value
  • For shareholders and for all stakeholders;
  • Balancing the fulfillment of needs and expectations through an integrated management of ethical, economic, social, environmental and employment impacts;
  • With a sustainable effort informed by vision and long-term perspective.
  1. Adjust Castillo de Canena’s reputation with its stakeholders to reflect the coherence of the Group’s identity, actions and communications.


In order to achieve these objectives, the Castillo de Canena group has developed a model of ethical, responsible and excellent management, based on:

  1. Ethically managing our daily activity in a manner that is guided by our corporate values, Corporate Credo and our system of compliance.
  1. Applying our own integrated, systemic model of stakeholder management, involving:
  • The correct identification of stakeholders;
  • The establishment of stable mechanisms for interaction and active listening;
  • Giving priority to issues that are relevant to stakeholders and that contribute to increased production of value;
  • the systematic adherence to defined plans and objectives;
  • the release of reports and updates on the companies’ situation and achievements.
  1. Identifying and anticipating the potential impact of the Group’s activity—be it economic, labor-related, ethical, environmental or social—in order to achieve a sustainable development with vision and medium- and long-term perspectives.
  1. Developing and applying the Castillo de Canena Group management model, based upon ongoing improvements and the quality of all our processes at every stage of the value chain.

The “way of being, acting and communicating” that arises from our business model and our corporate culture:

  • Is dynamic: it adapts continually to the demands of the moment and the place in which the Group’s activities take place;
  • Can be continually updated and changed, as it is subject to ongoing review;
  • Is holistic, as it encompasses the whole value chain and all different levels of organization, departments, workplaces and persons.

In order to comply with all these principles, we engage in the following specific practices in relation to our stakeholders:


  • Place the consumer in the very center of our undertaking, developing and offering healthy, nutritious and innovative products, EVOOs and services of the highest quality that satisfy the real needs of our consumers, caring for them each day in order to achieve their trust and affection.
  • Promote transparent, clear and responsible communication with consumers to facilitate a greater knowledge and understanding of our products, EVOOs and services.
  • Offer products and services that minimize environmental impact in every phase of their existence: from their conception and design through their production, transport, promotion, use and recycling.


  • Define and apply a responsible sales policy that engages with clients as allies in reaching consumers, establishes lasting relationships founded in trust and mutual benefit, and permits us to sustain our growth.
  • Make our company an essential purveyor for our clients, one that offers value to their businesses and contributes to their development, both in the various markets in which we are already present and in those we might develop together.
  • Promote clear, transparent and responsible communication in our commercial relationship with all clients.


  • Earn the loyalty and commitment of persons who work in the Castillo de Canena Group through the application of our management model and our corporate culture, generating an emotional and material environment that allows us to attract the very best talent and promote individual and collective development.
  • Look out for the health and wellbeing of all employees and apply policies that minimize the risk of workplace accidents through a good risk-prevention plan, updated annually.
  • Continually develop the knowledge and skills of employees, generating a workplace that is stimulating, motivating and participatory, in which persons may flourish and develop their full capacities, giving the best of themselves and improving their own abilities.
  • Respect diversity and promote equal opportunities, as well as non-discrimination for reasons of gender, age, disability or any other circumstance. Encourage executives and area managers to exercise inclusive leadership.
  • Develop a family-friendly business model, promoting practices that allow for balance between work and personal and family life, as well as other initiatives oriented to build quality employment.


Define and apply a policy of responsible purchasing that sees purveyors as allies, permitting us to:

  • Offer our clients and consumers healthy, nutritious and innovative quality products;
  • Be more efficient and more effective throughout our value chain by establishing ‘win-win’ strategies with our purveyors;
  • Systematically incorporate collaboration with purveyors, oriented to generate open innovation and to develop and improve our products, services and internal processes. Promote and take advantage of technological advances to reduce negative environmental impact;
  • Incorporate social and environmental criteria in purchasing decisions, contributing to the creation of a socially responsible value chain;
  • Establish lasting relationships with purveyors, founded in mutual trust and benefit.


  • Support the development of the society in which we operate through activities promoted by the companies in the Group, as well as through programs and social impact plans focused on healthy habits, employability, local development, entrepreneurialism and knowledge.
  • Bolster individual and collective initiatives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Respect and encourage respect for human rights in accord with international agreements in this field.
  • Participate in initiatives and collaborate with regulatory entities, other organizations and events within the sector to promote and spread responsible practices; encourage quality, competitiveness, sustainable development and responsible communication.
  • Promote actions oriented to reduce our environmental impact (such as those that might reduce our carbon footprint), provide transparent communication regarding emissions, undertake initiatives to improve the life cycle of our products and services, and work towards the development of a circular economy.


  • Ensure the economic sustainability of the business, understood as the capacity to create economic value, permitting the business to continue to grow andto adequately compensate shareholders.
  • Preserve and develop the identity of the Castillo de Canena Group by formalizing and applying the Group’s business model and corporate culture, as an extension of the identity of the owning family.
  • Facilitate access to knowledge and training in matters that may prove necessary for shareholders to exercise their rights correctly.
  • Build the capacity and knowledge of shareholders for the correct exercise of their activity.
  • Ensure transparency, veracity, immediacy and homogeneity in the distribution of information, and facilitate its analysis and comprehension by shareholders.
  • Publish information continually, periodically, and as appropriate, making sure it is available over time and that it is properly understood.
  • Do business in a fiscally responsible manner, correctly fulfilling tax obligations and avoiding any practices that involve illicit tax evasion or harm to the public treasury.
  • Avoid behaviors that violate the internal norms and policies or that might damage the property or reputation of the Castillo de Canena Group. Uphold a culture of compliance through appropriate policies and programs.


The Castillo de Canena Group is proactive in listening to the needs and expectations of each one of its stakeholders through a structured process, made up of different channels and tools for communication, participation and dialogue. These channels include our email address (rsc@castillodecanena.com) and the box for suggestions, complaints and claims present in each workplace.

The Castillo de Canena Group will publish a Corporate Social Responsibility report annually, in accord with international standards.  This will be made public and will be actively distributed. It will include detailed and updated information on the channels for dialogue with all stakeholders.

The Castillo de Canena Group encourages transparency in the dissemination of information to stakeholders, always upholding responsible communication practices.


In accord with the Social Statutes and as agreed by the Board of Directors of each one of the companies in the Group, the approval of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy depends upon the CSR Committee, which will adopt the necessary measures for the implementation, supervision, development, application and review of this Policy.

To this end, the Committee is constituted, with the following functions (among others):

  • Ensuring that the principles and criteria described in this Policy are applied;
  • Overseeing the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and practices, as well as assessing the degree to which they are being upheld.

The Executive Management and the Committee for CSR, Ethical and Responsible Management are charged with developing the systems for following-up on the results of this Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and with coordinating and supporting the various areas of management in order to implement and execute this Policy throughout the Castillo de Canena Group: they are the principal actors in making this Policy a reality.

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