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Gastronomic experience with chef Oscar Hernando in Maracaibo (Segovia)

If you are in Segovia and you want to eat Spanish food of the highest level, you must come to Maracaibo Casa Silvano, from the chef Óscar Hernando (1 Sol Repsol)… you will love it!

A few days ago we enjoyed a delicious menu around the roe deer meat that the chef and owner of the restaurant, Óscar Hernando, prepared in 6 passes. The roe deer meat has always been a mainly traditional meal but the chef managed to transform it into something new and sublime:


Carpaccio just with First Day of Harvest Picual and coarse salt.
Steak tartare with a very special additional condiment such as chopped wood and a spicy touch thanks to our Arbequina & Harissa olive oil.


 Spectacular croquettes with a touch of chipotle


Roe deer roast beef exclusively seasoned with our Picual Family Reserve and garlic with glucose.


Grilled loin, in its perfect point, as it looked like pure butter. Oscar served it with 3 sauces that were the perfect side: a vegetable sauce and the meat stock itself, the famous sauce of the Café de Paris and a fig sauce.


Fake roe deer and crayfish lasagna … incredible! An authentic Castilian river and land. The meat for this dish was 26 hours at low temperature to reach a special texture that defined this marvellous dish, in addition to the spectacular meeting of flavor.
As a final touch to the menu, Oscar served mellow rice with the ribs of the roe deer… a power of colossal flavor and a magical texture!


What a wonderful experience!

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