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Recipes with cheeses and our Amontillado olive oil

Thanks to the cheese expert, Ana Belén González Pinos, we suggest you a series of very simple and delicious recipes with different cheeses to continue enjoying our Amontillado.



Grilled or broiled artichokes with cured cheese flakes and Amontillado.

You can cook fresh artichokes, open them like a flower and then grill them, or use canned artichokes.

You will only need the chosen artichokes, some slices of cured cheese that you will put on them and our Amontillado olive oil to finish the recipe.





Roasted leeks with cheese, paprika and Amontillado sauce.

We bake the leeks (once stripped of their green leaves). Cut them in half and put them in the oven with the cheese sauce.

For the cheese sauce, we have used a lactic one (in our cheese the Asturian Rey Silo), we have added paprika, a little bit of cream and of course our Amontillado olive oil.

It can be served hot or warm.





A new version of caprese salad with Amontillado olive oil.

Select several types of tomatoes (your preference), some fresh basil leaves, burrata (or you can opt for mozzarella) and our Amontillado olive oil.

A very fresh recipe for this summer!






Hot toast with curd cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta with kiwi and Amontillado olive oil.

Choose a good bread and toast it to your liking. Then arrange the ricotta cheese, the fruit (we recommend kiwi but it can also be strawberries or mango) and finish with a few drops of our Amontillado olive oil.

A deliciously healthy snack!




Cream of zucchini cream with Mozzarella pearls and finished with Amontillado olive oil.

Make your favorite zucchini cream (some of you like it with cream, or mixed with other vegetables… we have opted for a classic zucchini cream with leek and without cream).

When it’s time to serve, arrange the mozzarella pearls that you can already buy in this format and finish with our Amontillado olive oil that of course will make all the difference!





Pickled partridge salad with Manchego cheese and Amontillado olive oil.

This is a very simple salad that you can prepare in two minutes this summer. Simply choose the tender sprouts, spinach or green base that you like the most. Next we will put the pickled partridge that you can already buy prepared and we will finish with some slices or pieces of manchego cheese.

The final touch that will combine all the flavors will be our Amontillado olive oil!






Avocado with blue cheese and Amontillado Castillo de Canena olive oil.

Cut the avocado in half, place the blue cheese in the center and finish with our Amontillado olive oil.

Simple, easy and fresh to share this summer!






Salad of figs with curd cheese, ricotta or cottage cheese, toasted pine nuts and Amontillado olive oil

We bring you another snack or dessert with a fresh cheese like cottage cheese.

We will peel and cut the heathers into slices. We will simply arrange them on a platter with some toasted pine nuts on top, a few teaspoons of cottage cheese and of course we will finish with the final touch of our Amontillado olive oil.



Snack of roasted sweet peppers, cream cheese, toasted pine nuts, chives and Amontillado Castillo de Canena olive oil.

This is a quick snack with perfect nuances to take directly in spoonfuls or on toasted bread.

Simply cut the roasted sweet peppers, put them together with the selected creamy cheese (we have chosen a Torta del Casar but you can also use a Camembert) and finish with some toasted pine nuts, a little bit of fresh chives and a few drops of our Amontillado olive oil.

You will love it!


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