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Fine Sandwich, Salmon with German bread



Black bread (wafers) Cerveza_artesana_arriaca_bocadillo_mejillones_Castillo_de_Canena_2

Smoked salmon

Fresh dill

Sour cream (creme fraîche)



Castillo de Canena Early Royal EVOO

ARRIACA Vikingator craft beer



Prepare a sauce with sour cream (creme fraîche), fresh dill and add a fresh touch with our Early Royal extra virgin olive oil. Stir until all ingredients are perfectly mixed.

On the other side,  boil eggs in water. Then cut a couple of them into slices and place on a black bread wafer.

Paint the eggs layer with the sauce that we have prepared at first. Afterwards, add some slices of cucumber. Finish the sandwich with smoked salmon and optionally, with a few sprigs of dill.

Accompany this fine sandwich with an original craft beer. We chose a low fermentation one; it is ARRIACA Vikingator. Aromas of tangerine and candy of German hops predominate, combined with orange and pine of American hops. The aroma of the roasted malt which provide the color is perfectly balanced and combines perfectly with this smoked salmon sándwich!

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