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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Our extra virgin olive oils are also present on this special day!

DÍA_DE_LA _MADRE_Castillo_de_Canena

It is as important to give the gift as enjoying the process of elaboration …

DIA_DE_LA_MADRE_Patricia_Llobera_FloresThanks to a great professional like Patricia Llobera Gandiaga we have prepared this beautiful and delicate flower bouquet together with our EVOO. We want to surprise all the world’s mothers in such special day.DÍA_DE_LA _MADRE_ArbequinaCo_Cata_Horizontal

Happy Mother’s Day!

* Patricia Llobera is a floral designer and Personal Flowers … Do not hesitate to contact her to decorate your home, space or any event. She also offers floral workshops and home delivery: Pata20@icloud.com // Tel: +34 636 481 777

If you want to see more, consult her page on instagram.


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