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Recipes with trendy ingredients and EVOO

We want to share these fabulous recipes with the ingredients that are most fashionable at the moment: quinoa, lucuma, maca …

As you have already heard, these are ingredients classified as “superfoods” as are the different roots, seeds and fruits … and among which are also our extra virgin olive oils!

These foods are characterized by being rich in various nutrients and minerals and can be enormously beneficial to the body’s metabolism and energy levels !!

We appreciate the great contribution of SUMAQ Superfoods, as their superfoods are of exceptional quality! Highly recommended 🙂

Are you ready to discover these healthy recipes? Ideal for this spring or summer!


Three-color salad with quinoa, feta cheese and our Biodynamic Picual EVOO


Maca Bread with Oak smoked Arbequina Olive Oil


Lucuma and Golden Berry Ice Cream with Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO


Chocolate shake with Arbequina&Co 04

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