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Russian salad, Caviar Paris 1925 & our Family Reserve

Here is a new recipe of Caviar, very simple and perfect for the summer months:



First, boil the potatoes together with the previously peeled carrots. When they are ready, peel the potatoes and crush them with a mortar in a container next to one of the carrots and garlic. Set aside the other carrot to decorate the Russian salad. We can also crush the garlic before, if we want to have it prepared, and add it to the potatoes. Add a pinch of salt.

In a bowl, add the mashed potatoes, carrot and garlic. Add the well drained tuna from one of the cans, half the chopped bell peppers, peas and the finely chopped green olives.

To all this we now add enough mayonnaise to form a paste, not too soft, and to be consistent to our taste. Add a splash of our extra virgin olive oil, and as a final point, place small portions of caviar Paris 1925 on top.

Once it is ready, put the dish in the fridge and let it cool well before serving.



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