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Olivenöle des 21. Jahrhunderts


The fruity green olive is complemented with aromas of mature fruits and sweets ones. Fresh grass, green banana, artichoke and, secondly, tropical fruits like pineapple or kiwi.

The palate is very delicate and elegant. Harmonic.

Type of olive 100% Royal
Quality Extra Virgin
Date of harvest October
Method of harvest Mechanical
Method of milling Maximum 4 hours. No addition of wáter. Cold press.
Storage Steel tanks with nitrogen. At home keep in a cool dry place
Colour Light green and bright yellow reflection
Acidity 0.14
Certifications: ISO 22,000; ISO 9001; BRC/IFS, Calidad Certificada


Grilled veggies, tomato sauce, fish such as salmon, codfish and meat such as chicken and rabbit.


Royal varietal is native to the Cazorla mountains (Jaén, Spain) whose cultivation goes back hundreds of years. Due to the difficulty of harvesting it, this olive varietal has suffered a drastic reduction in its cultivation and it is close to desappearing. We have recovered this unique varietal in our farm. There are not many Royal olive oils launched to the market because of the complexity of collection and harvesting, and those you can find are just mature ones.

“XXIS Century Oils” (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and distinction, as well as their compliance with the utmost quality standards.

FIRST – EARLY ROYAL is the first oil of this collection, that is why it is called “First”. This EVOO presents for the first time, a ROYAL extra virgin olive oil collected at the beginning of harvest, an “early” one.


Dark glass. White serigraphy. Net content: 500c.c.


Product Content Bottle per box Boxes per pallet Layer per pallet Layer high Case Dimensions
EARLY ROYAL 500 ml 6 40 4 32cm 31,5 x 19 x 13