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V Edition of the Castillo de Canena Olive Cultivation Research Award “Luis Vañó”

The Rector of the University of Jaén (UJA), Juan Gómez Ortega, and the General Manager of the company Castillo de Canena, Francisco Vañó Cañadas, present the V International Castillo de Canena Award for Olive Research ‘Luis Vañó’, which aims to promote and stimulate scientific and technological knowledge in the field of research on olive groves and olive oils.

This award is organised by the prestigious olive oil company from Jaén, with the support of the University of Jaén and the University of California at David (UC Davis) in the United States.

The Board Room of the old School of Teaching of Jaén of the UJA hosted the presentation of a new call for this award, which is, at the same time, a tribute to Luis Vañó, president of the Castillo de Canena group and pioneer in innovation and continuous improvements in the world of olive groves and olive oil.

The Rector of the UJA highlighted the international nature of the award and recalled that it is held every two years, “aimed at original research work not published before 1 October 2017, which has four fundamental axes: olive groves and the environment; olive oil and health; olive oils and quality, and management of olive grove by-products and olive oils”.

Juan Gómez stressed that this is a “magnificent” award to promote research work in the olive grove and olive oil sector, “which is something we are obliged to do from the University of Jaén”. He also thanked the Vañó family for their support of the University of Jaén, highlighting the collaboration between the UJA “and a leading company such as Castillo de Canena”.

In this edition, as in previous editions, a single prize of 6,000 euros is established; a plaque accrediting the winner, and the publication of the work, in Spanish and English, with a print run of 1,000 copies, if it has not been previously published.

Francisco Vañó also expressed his satisfaction with this award, adding that the Castillo de Canena company has always followed “the path of social responsibility; of identification with the territory, and of continued and recurrent support for the sector in which we develop our activity and the land where we work; which is the land of our elders and to which we feel enormously grateful”.

Vañó wanted to highlight the issues addressed in the four awards that have been granted so far and are related to respect for the environment and sustainability, and health. In this sense, he stressed that these aspects are few known, but that it is necessary to invest and allocate resources to research in these fields. “All of these are active and are values, which have not been sufficiently studied or developed, nor are they sufficiently known to the vast majority of consumers. According to our point of view, there is the fulcrum where we have to put the lever to stimulate and further develop the olive oil market throughout the world”, he added.

The work will be delivered between 1 April and 30 October 2019. It will be possible to present scientific and technological research works in the field of olive growing, which have not been published before 1 October 2017.

The jury, chaired by the Rector of the UJA, will be composed of representatives of the University of Jaen and the University of California at David (UC Davis) in the United States.






















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