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Castillo de Canena EVOO with Caviar Paris 1925 receipts

We have prepared 12 recipes with caviar for the 12 months of the year. These are delicious combinations of our Olive Oils with Caviar Paris 1925 receipts


We invite you to spend the year among the delicious pearls of the ocean. A mix of recipes for appetizers, or main dishes so versatile, that you’ll want to try!


  1. Roasted potatoes with sour cream, caviar & arbequino olive oil delicately smoked
  2. Pizza Margarita, Caviar Paris 1925 and our Arbeuqina&Harissa
  3. Russian salad, Caviar Paris 1925 & our Family Reserve
  4. Crayfish tartar, Caviar Paris 1925 and our Arbequina&Co
  5. The Obon Comes with Arbequina&World Asia
  6. Spaghetti with Caviar and First Day of Arbequina Harvest EVOO
  7. Baby squids with Paris 1925 Caviar. By chef Luis Miguel Menor from La Milla restaurant in Marbella
  8. Sliced Porcini with our Biodynamic Picual EVOO
  9. Prawn Carpaccio with Caviar and our Family Reserve EVOO
  10. Cream of Cauliflower Soup with caviar
  11. Foie Gras Escalopes with Caviar
  12. Confit Beetroot with Caviar and our First Day of Harvest EVOO
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