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Green almond Ajoblanco soup with ice cream and our Arbequino

Today we have prepared a very fresh and very special recipe…  Keep enjoying your summer!



1 clove garlic

150 grams of raw green almonds

100 gr white bread soaked in milk

150ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Family Reserve Arbequina

4 tablespoons sherry vinegar or cider


1 liter of water

Shrimp for garnish

Shrimp ice cream


Chop the almonds with the garlic and salt. Add the bread soaked in milk and continue beating. Gradually add EVOO Family Reserve Arbequina. Then, incorporate vinegar and finally water until the mixture has the consistency of a cream.

Store in the refrigerator and when serving, add a scoop of shrimp and prawns and garnish with a few slices of almonds.

August 2015

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