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Collection – editions Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest EVOO

With our  First Day of Harvest extra virgin olive oil we want top an homage to the magic of the first day, when the farmer sees the fruit of a year´s labours. We design a new label every year, with the invaluable help of personalities from the worlds of culture.

Here you have all the editions of First Day of Harvest to date! 🙂

2021 – Matías Prats

2020 – Carlos Sáinz

2019- Juan Echanove

2018- Juan Eslava Galán

2017- Sara Baras

2016 – Alex de la Iglesia

2015 – Raphael

2014 – Roberto Verino

2013 – Fernando Alonso

2012 – Alejandro Sanz

2011 – Pau Gasol

2010 – Manolo Valdés

2009 – Ainhoa Arteta

2008 – Joaquín Berao

2007 – Enrique Ponce

2006 – Sara Navarro

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