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Baked sea bass recipe with potatoes, tomatoes and lime





It is a quite simple recipe as well as very tasty and colorful.

First, in an oven dish, put a bed of potatoes with a good splash of First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO to make the potatoes in the oven, as it takes more time. Later, we take the potatoes out of the oven when they are a little soft and we put a second bed of sliced tomatoes on top, as well as a few slices of lime. Finally, put the sea bass on top with the skin and give it an extra shot of our First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO. We put it in the oven.

When the sea bass smells like done, take it out of the oven when the sea bass smells done and remove the skin. If it is a good sea bass, like Aquanaria’s, the skin will be removed very easily.

When serving, we will put in each dish sea bass, potato, tomato, and lime. To finish, drizzle a little bit of First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO.

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