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Castillo de Canena encourage the Lesser Kestrel nesting in the family castle

Foto 11-02-14 09 20 13modif

Family castle’s roof where one of the artificial nests can be seen

Thanks to the collaboration agreement among Castillo de Canena, the Council of Jaén, the City of Canena and “Iberus” Naturalist Association, our company will let the construction of 20 artificial nests in the roof of the family Castle in order to encourage the Lesser Kestrel nesting in the own castle. These are birds endangered and nowadays there are just 100,000 specimens in Spain!

With the implementation of these new artificial nests, it is expected that Lesser Kestrel colony located on the roofs and towers of the Castle, reach the 30 couples, in addition to the Common Kestrels and owls that inSin títulohabit it.

It will be therefore one of the biggest population centers of these birds in the Iberian Peninsula!

Castillo de Canena gives a step in the commitment to defend our habitat and environmental harmony of the Andalusian ecosystem.

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