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Castillo de Canena’s 100% native Reforestation Project

Castillo de Canena - Reforestación 6As many of you already know, in November 2012 we began reforesting part of our farm with Iberian native species. It started in order to support the philosophy of Biodynamic agriculture, but now, our desire is to achieve the total tree regeneration of our estate.

For a more genuine reforestation and, despite the big effort involved, our goal is to use just indigenous genetic material from our own estate. This decision brings invaluable value to the Project. On one hand, the introduction of non-native species is a guarantee of actual feasibility of the trees (holm oaks, in this case), and on the other, it shows how much we are excited with this project because we believe that despite it supposes a harder work, it will be pleasantly rewarded in few years!Castillo de Canena - Reforestación 8

Because …  with this reforestation project, we will enjoy ancient forests but also, biodiversity of our lands will be increased because these new holm will be shelter for birds and mammals as well, shelters that were lost in Jaén due to monoculture agriculture that has been practiced for years.

Using only genetic material from our farm is a great effort, because it means that we have more work to do, as we had to select the most appropriate holm oaks, then their best acorns, and bet on their germination! However, we are confident that this effort will be pleasantly rewarded in few years when we can enjoy magnificent holm oaks!

Let’s  know how this project is being developed …

Castillo de Canena - Reforestación 1Few months ago, we selected 4 holm oaks (Quercus Iles), in particular, the most stout and vigorous ones. They are approx 300 years old and they are placed at “Sierra de D. Pedro” mountains, the most elevated part of our estate.

After that, last October, we collected the best acorns produced by these 4 magnificent specimens, 10,000 in total. We planted them in a close nursery, until they are germinated.

A month later, we began to observe the growth of the taproot … and we hope we can proceed to their final planting of these small holm oaks in our field during the month of December 2015 when the small trees will have two saps!

* This reforestation project complements the LIFE-BIODEHESAS one, in which we were included last year and whose shares will start next fall.

Castillo de Canena - Reforestación 9

January 2015

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