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Know a little more our Biodynamic Picual EVOO

01 February 2016

Our Biodynamic Picual extra virgin olive oil is the result of an agriculture based on the overall balance of the ground, trees, animals and Man. It owns the DEMETER certification that guarantees correct compliance with ALL of the BIODYNAMIC agricultural processes. It is a fresh, lively and expressive oil stands out for its vegetables to herbs and vegetables notes. (Do you want to... Read more

Biodynamic & Royal “Best Scence of the year” at MONOCULTIVAR 2016

28 January 2016

Our extra virgin olive oils have been awarded in the international competition Monocultivar Olive Oil by italian expert Gino Celletti . This time our Biodynamic Picual & Early Royal  have achieved  "Best Scence of the Year" ! Our Biodynamic Picual got a score of 9.8 point in the competition BIO 2016. Meanwhile, our Royal Early scored 9.7 points in the competition of monovarietals EXPO... Read more

Our Family Reserve Picual EVOO at Jaen Selection 2016!!

18 January 2016

Once again we are among the 8 oils in Jaen Selection winners !! The credit goes to our Family Reserve Picual extra virgin olive oil  , which has also been awarded for the second year with maximum score at the FLOS OLEI 2016 guide and for the fourth time since the guide is published !! Also this year we have been named as " The Best World Olive Oil Company "!   Don Luis Vañó junto... Read more

Gail Simmons (Top Chef California) recommends our smoked oil!

12 January 2016

This is an excellent mention of the Smoked Oil by permanent California Top Chef Judge, Gail Simmons! Castillo de Canena Smoked Arbequino: "I am obsessed with the smoky deep smell and flavor of this oil and find myself using it on everything. I can't get enough for drizzling over fish and meat, soups and roasted vegetables and of course for salad dressings. It's the best gift for the cook who... Read more

Our Biodynamic EVOO get the EXTRAGOLD in BIOLNOVELLO!!!

14 December 2015

Once again our extra virgin olive oils are awarded! Our Biodynamic has achieved for second time the EXTRAGOLD mention in the italian contest BIOLNOVELLO held in Bologna, Italy . We are very happy to share this news with you!! Do you know what Biodynamic EVOO means? December... Read more