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29 August 2018

ANTICORRUPTION AND CRIME-PREVENTION POLICY  INTRODUCTION  The Castillo de Canena Group is committed to upholding regulations and respecting persons, as well as developing ethical conduct in all its business activities. The Castillo de Canena Group wishes to define and promote a culture of compliance through a model of ethics and integrity, combatting corruption and other illicit... Read more


16 July 2018

We send our oils to Meki (Ethiopia) through Pablo Horstmann Foundation in order to collaborate in their project of access to food, schooling and health care for disadvantaged families. We are proud to make our EVOO arrive to the 55 countries where we work. And, even more, it is a great satisfaction, that thanks to the work of our team and the confidence of you consumers, we can also reach... Read more

Reference EVOO invited to the 1st Forum “Agroprofessional Women”

05 June 2017

Our commercial director, Rosa Vañó, will participate as a representative of the olive sector in the First National Business Forum 'Agroprofesional Women' The objective of the forum is to give visibility to the work of talented women present in the agri-food sector. It will be celebrated next June 7 in Seville and will participate more than 200 women and men, managers, professionals, and... Read more

Vines from Abadía de Retuerta planted in Castillo de Canenaa

09 May 2017

As you know, we have a collaboration agreement with the winery Abadía Retuerta where weare developing a socially responsible project, based on measures of respect for the environment. As a first step, a few days ago we planted on the Abadía Retuerta vineyard, some of our century-old olive trees of the picual variety, dating from the mid-s. XIX of our well known "Pago La Condesa". In the... Read more

Olive trees from Castillo de Canena in Abadía de Retuerta

11 April 2017

The winery of Sardón de Duero and the prestigious producer of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén plant centenary olive trees of the picual variety in the historic area "Prado del Aceite" of the estate Abadía Retuerta. The winery will yield vineyards of Pago Negralada and Pago Valdebellón and plants of the pre-phylloxeric vineyard to be planted in the estate that the group... Read more