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Christimas Menu: potatoes salad with our Family Reserve Arbequino EVOO

16 December 2014

Appetizer from Austria Ingredients 1/2 kg of small potatoes 1 small onion (purple onion much better) 20ml of soup of  meat or vegetables, could be water also 2 spoonful of wine white vinegar 4 spoonful of Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Arbequino 1 spoonful of Estragon Mustard Salt, black pepper Chives or hash parsley Preparation Boil the potates with their peels to 30 minutes... Read more

Christmas Menu: Brussels sprouts with Family Reserve Picual EVOO

16 December 2014

Appetizers from Flandes, Belgium Ingredients 1 kg Brussels Sprouts Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual EVOO Brown Sugar Salt and pepper Preparation Stir fry the brussels sprouts with Brown sugar. Don´t boil them in order to compensate its bitterness. Use Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual EVOO in order to avoid vegetables get sticked to the pan. Cook them until tender... Read more

Halloween menu: Cup of tangerine and champagne & tortilla with avocado, mango and papaya

29 October 2014

Cup of tangerine and champagne Squeeze the fresh tangerines (approx. 2 tangerines / person) and strain. Mix in a jar with the same proportion of iced champagne. Serve in champagne glasses Tortilla with avocado tartare, mango, papaya and olive Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual 2 avocados 2 mangos 1 papaya 1 bunch of chives 1 Package of corn tortillas Chopped cilantro Castillo de... Read more

Prawns ceviche with 4 greens & Early Royal EVOO

03 September 2014

PRAWNS CEVICHE & 4 GREENS: LIMA, MINT, GREEN APPLE & EARLY ROYAL Ingredients 4 limes 300 g fresh prawns 2 green apples with skin Fresh mint Chives Early Royal EVOO Castillo de Canena Preparation Peel the prawns and remove the black thorn in the back. Let prawns marinate in the juice of 3 limes during an hour and a half in the fridge, covered. Chop the apples with the skin, the... Read more

Side dishes with our Arbequino olive oil delicately smoked

29 August 2014

To enjoy the latest BBQ this summer… 8-) Roasted Red Peppers Ingredients - Large red peppers - Arbequino olive oil delicately smoked - Fresh chive Preparation - Cover peppers completly with oil - Bake until peppers are done. You will notice it when the skin of the peppers begins to peel or toasted. - Cool them. - Remove seeds from peppers and cut into strips. -... Read more