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Cottage cheese & Biodynamic EVOO toast

22 August 2014

SUMMER BREAKFAST Ingredients Cereal bread loaf Cottage Cheese Castillo de Canena Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oranges Preparation Cut the loaf, not very thin, and toast it slightly. Cover with a layer of cottage cheese and sprinkle with our Biodynamic EVOO. Squeeze oranges in order to prepare the natural orange juice. *Optional green tea with stevia. Great in the... Read more

Gazpacho of Raspberry and Mint

14 August 2014

Ingredients 500 gr ripe tomatoes 50 gr cucumber 50 g green pepper 250g raspberries 1 onion 1 clove of garlic 250 ml First Day of Harvest Picual Castillo de Canena EVOO ¼  l Sherry vinegar Salt Cold water Mint leaves Preparation Heat to temper Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enter lightly crushed mint leaves. Marinate during several hours. Wash, peel and chop all... Read more

Foie over corn soup and kikos dusting

25 July 2014

INGREDIENTS FOR 6 PEOPLE 150g  foie micuit Family Reserve Picual EVOO Castillo de Canena For corn soup: 1 small can of corn 1 small jar of soy milk Salt and white pepper some kikos PREPARATION Crush briefly kikos in a robot. Drain corn and crush it with the milk until you get a smooth and light texture. Season it and heat it. HOW TO SERVE? Cover the bottom of small cups with the soup.... Read more

Let’s dip!! A healthy recipe…

13 June 2014

 HUMMUS & HUMMUS WITH CURRY It's a quick and healthy snack for those who want to "dip" with friends at home or just while wathing today's football match, but in a very healthy way :) INGREDIENTS - 400 gr of cooked chickpeas - 1/2 lemon juice - 1 clove of garlic - Sesame - Some water - Curry - Carrots, celery and nachos - First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO PREPARATION We roast the... Read more

Radish Salad

20 March 2014

  INGREDIENTS: • Radishes. • Shallots. • Parsley. • Honey. • Vinegar. • Castillo de Canena oak-smoked oil.   PREPARATION: • Slice the radishes, shallots and parsley. • Make a vinaigrette using the oil, vinegar and honey. • Mix together. • Ideal served with... Read more