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Cheese toast and fresh tomatoes with Castillo de Canena’s Picual olive oil

21 June 2016

Love the bread with tomato! Today we have reinvented this fabulous recipe regarding our selection of Mexican and Colombian recipes that we have developed together with Pulaa accessories. In the previous recipes with Pulaa, we had talked about their handbags but ... what a joy that they have also these nice leather sandals! They are comfortable, practical and handmade by a local shoemaker from... Read more

Guacamole with First Day of Harvest Picual and nachos

21 June 2016

Here a renowned Mexican recipe as the guacamole is! And we decided to highlight its tomato flavours by adding few drops of our premium olive oil First Day Harvest Picual… amazing! A special touch for such a special recipe! It’s one of the recipes that we have made in collaboration with Pulaa accessories. As you already know, this brand supports the development of certain Mexican and... Read more

Original tapas with canned food

16 June 2016

For today, the Tapa's International Day or just for this weekend, we suggest not to waste a lot of time at the kitchen !! These are fun, healthy, original, fast and very surprising tapas recipes! Choose good ingredients such as Frinsa, Real Conservera or Jose Peña canned food, among others. Of course, also  you should have our smoked oil (Oak Smoked Arbequina, the blue bottle) and... Read more

Carnitas with pico de gallo and the touch of our smoked oil

10 June 2016

Following the Mexican and Colombian recipes that we have developed together  with the handbag and sandals brand, Pulaa, which supports indigenous communities in Mexico and Colombia, today we present some classic carnitas with pico de gallo ... of course, with a special and surprising ingredient as our smoked oil is!! It will add some smoked, caramel and toffee notes!! In the picture you can... Read more

Margarita with lime and Arbequina&Co 02 olive oil

01 June 2016

We share with you a very nice and fresh summer cocktail which do not leave anyone indifferent because it has a secret ingredient ... Arbequina&Co 02 olive oil!! In the photo you can also see two original Wayuu bags (by Pulaa) from La Guajira (Colombia). They are made of resistant cotton and in bright colours by a local cooperative from Maicao, a small town on the border between Colombia... Read more