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Thanksgiving dessert: carrots & pumpkin cake

22 November 2016

We have chosen a vegetable cake, based on carrots and pumpkin that we will accompany with a citrus cream ;) CARROTS & PUMPKIN CAKE  INGREDIENTS: 400g cooked carrots, 800g cooked pumpkin, 200g brown sugar, 3 eggs, clove powder, cumin powder, nutmeg, olive oil Arbequina&Co 04 (99.5% EVOO Arbequina + essential oils  of cinnamon, walnut and bergamot) PREPARATION Make a puree with... Read more

Chocolate soup with a very special EVOO meringue ghosts

26 October 2016

INGREDIENTS 3 egg whites  1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (natural stabilizer) Black chocolate couverture Milk Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO Arbequina&Co 04 EVOO Icing sugar (the same weight as egg whites) PREPARATION Beat the egg whites to form peaks. At the first whipping, add some cream of tartar and then, gradually, add the icing sugar until the mixture is firm. Add... Read more

Carrot and orange smoothie & EVOO

26 October 2016

INGREDIENTS  4 carrots Natural orange juice Arbequina&Co 01 EVOO   PREPARATION Peel the carrots and crush in the blender. Mix with fresh orange juice (in equal parts). Add a special touch with about 20 drops of our olive oil Arbequina&Co 01 !! --- Discover here the FULL MENU OF... Read more

Beet & extra virgin olive oil smoothie

26 October 2016

INGREDIENTS 1 boiled beets  2 carrots The tip of a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger 1 apple - peeled and grated A glass of orange juice (very cold) Arbequina&Co 03 EVOO Half a glass of very cold water   PREPARATION Peel and chop the beets, carrots and apple. Place in the blender, together with orange juice, water and ginger. Finally, add the magic touch ... about... Read more

Olive French toast with our Early Royal EVOO

18 March 2016

We want to remember the special French toast by Xanty Elías of Acánthum Restaurant in Huelva. Also this year he won his first Michelin star and continues to trusting on our EVOO! This is a toast with olive and choco cococha of corvina with which he won the Madrid Fusion contest last year  and with the special touch our extra virgin olive oil  Early Royal. Ingredients Broth... Read more

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