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Ice Cream with our Biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

25 August 2015

A summer snack that takes only 2 minutes!   Carpaccio of quince jelly, some berries & cheese ice cream... of course finished with our Biodynamic EVOO! Do you know what BIODYNAMIC EVOO means? Discover it here!     August... Read more

Chocolate ice cream with our Family Reserve Picual: Easy, quick and delicious !!

30 July 2015

Ice cream and summer are two words that go always together, but why not go a step further and enrich this binomial with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil? It's possible! In Castillo de Canena we have created new recipes with your favorite ice creams you'll love! Today we present this chocolate ice cream with our Family Reserve Picual and Maldon salt. Easy, fast and delicious !!   July... Read more

Our Smoked Arbequino EVOO at Epicurious!

29 July 2015

Today we want to share with you this pubblication on the popular cooking website Epicurious. In it, they make five recommendations on how to use our Arbequino smoked oil: Vanilla ice cream, fruit salad, baked potato ... It is this versatility in different dishes which has led us recently to get, as you know,  the SOFI Award in the New York Fancy... Read more

We present the OPAQUE chocolates from Munich… made with our Picual!!

27 May 2015

Today we want to share with you this delicious surprise: Chocolates with our EVOO Picual !!! The selected confectionery OPAQUE of Munich has developed some chocolates with our extra virgin olive oil Picual, noted for their complexity, freshness and sweetness ... a perfect pairing! If you travel this summer to Germany you have already a obligatory stop!! ;) May... Read more

Valentine’s Day Menu: Strawberries with chocolate sauce and chile

11 February 2015

  Ingredients 12 Strawberries approx ½ bar of fondant black chocolate Fresh chile Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Arbequino EVOO Semi-skimmed milk   Preparation Wash strawberries very well. In a bowl, chop  the chocolate in small pieces. Heat a glass of milk until it is boiling, and start adding to the chocolate, stirring to melt. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil Castillo de... Read more