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Cocktails with Arbequina&World – Europe

11 July 2018

 Freydis (Fertility Viking Goddess) - Vodka -5cl – Cucumber-3 pcs + Dill + Nutmeg – Sugar syrup 2 cl – Ice Cream Lemon 1,5 cl – Arbequina & World Europe 1cl **( SORBET Glass ) – Shaker Ariadna (Very Pure -Creta) - Vermouth 5cl +GinMare 3cl – Pineapple juice 2cl +Ginger 1 slice + Fresh Coriander leaves – Honeywater 2.5 cl – Lemon 1,5 cl –  Arbequina... Read more

Chinese New Year Menu 2018

14 February 2018

We celebrate the Chinese New Year with a couple of very special recipes, the result of some unique and fundamental ingredients in this Chinese holiday: Long vegetables for a green year and good harvest Chicken for wealth Shrimp for the abundance Long noodles for long life Tangerines for good fortune Oranges for prosperity Apples for the peace Here is the menu we have... Read more

Tangerine salad apples and oranges with EVOO

14 February 2018

Ingredients Tangerines Apples Oranges Cinnamon First Day of Harvest Arbequina EVOO Elaboration Peel and cut the pieces of fruit . Sprinkle with cinnamon and finish with a touch of our First Day of Harvest extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy the entire... Read more

Spaghetti with chicken and shrimp with First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO

14 February 2018

Ingredients Spaghetti Chicken breast Shrimp Coriander Lime Fresh ginger First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO Purple Onion Shitaki mushrooms Elaboration We cook the noodles according to the instructions. On the other hand, we cut the chicken breast into cubes, as well as the purple onion and together with the shrimp and mushrooms, we put everything in the wok... Read more

Bimis, asparagus and broccoli with EVOO vinaigrette and sweet soy sauce

14 February 2018

Ingredients Wild asparagus Broccoli First Day of Harvest Arbequina EVOO Sweet soy sauce Toasted sesame Elaboration We boil the broccoli and the asparagus and reserve. We prepare the vinaigrette by mixing First Day of Harvest Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, toasted sesame and sweet soy sauce. We serve together. Enjoy the entire... Read more