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Valentine’s Day Recipes: Asparagus with 2 Arbequina&Co mayonnaise

11 February 2016

During the renaissance it was forbidden to eat asparagus because it was considered a food with aphrodisiac properties. A perfect excuse to be the first course of our menu! .. We suggest to take it with 2 mayonnaise made with our extra virgin olive oil Arbequina & Co. Mayonnaise We put in a tight container the yolk of an egg, lime juice and  extra virgin olive oil Family Reserve... Read more

Chinese New Year Menu: Green asparagus with Royal EVOO mayonnaise

05 February 2016

We start this menu with a healthy dish we have made with Long Green Vegetables for a Green Year and Good Harvest. We are going to serve it with Early Royal extra virgin olive oil mayonnaise. Ingredients Green asparagus 1 egg Castillo de Canena Early Royal EVOO Lime juice Salt to taste Preparation We grilled asparagus until cooked. For the mayonnaise: We put in a tight container... Read more

Chinese New Year Menu with our EVOO

05 February 2016

These are special days for our Asian friends. According to the lunisolar calendar the new year begins the day with new moon closest to the beginning of spring , so on february 8th begins the year of the Red Monkey, one of the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese horoscope. We have made a special menu with our extra virgin olive oil for these holidays. Starters: Green Asparagus with... Read more

Christmas Menu & New Year …with our EVOO

18 December 2015

In these special days, we are very proud to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016! We hope you enjoy a lot with your family and friends during these days and... we will surprise you the next year with many new projects! We share with you this delicious menu that we have prepared especially for Christmas and New Year,  with our extra virgin olive oil, of... Read more

Christmas Recipe: Lentils with Foie & aroma of arbequina

17 December 2015

For starter this christmas dinner we propose this delicious Lentils with Foie made with our Family Reserve Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Ingredients  Lentils 1 tomato 1 pepper 1 onion 1 clove of garlic Salt 3 sweet white onions Brown sugar Block of foie to make cubes Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO  Preparation Keep lentils soak during some hours before cooking. Sauté the... Read more

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