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BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena

12 February 2014

We have launched our first extra virgin olive oil certified as BIODYNAMIC by Demeter! What is the meaning of BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena? BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena owns DEMETER Certification that guarantees correct compliance with ALL of the BIODYNAMIC agricultural processes. BIODYNAMIC agriculture seeks complete integration and harmony with the surrounding ecosystem and the... Read more

Olive Oil and “Mediterranean diet”

23 August 2013

This is the concept promoted by studies undertaken by the American scientist Ancel Keys, whose results were summarized in the "Mediterranean diet". To summarize, it was sensed and then demonstrated by a study conducted for 20 years in Finland, Japan, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and Yugoslavia, that the diet of populations who live on the Mediterranean gives rise to one of... Read more

(Español) Beneficios del Aceite de Oliva en la Salud Visual

13 August 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in European... Read more

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Protect from Alzheimer’s Disease

12 August 2013

Olive oil has been associated with protection against cognitive decline that comes with aging, and studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and that the monounsaturated fat in olive oil was mainly responsible for this effect. Now studies are now showing that it is in fact oleocanthal, a natural compound found in extra virgin olive oil that has... Read more

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

09 August 2013

Olive Oil has a lot of benefits for skin. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it as an anti-aging remedy.  They also used it to treat wounds and to moisturize dry skin. Olive oil contains four major antioxidants which allow it to work as a cleanser, moisturizer, and protector of skin. Moreover, it moistens skin so thoroughly that it is often used as a home remedy for any type of skin... Read more