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Eating Suggestion Arbequina & Harissa

26 April 2019

The new Olive Oil Arbequina & Harissa is made with our own recipe of the aromatic Harissa sauce, composed of dried red pepper, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway. EATING SUGGESTION  This Olive Oil is perfect to accompany main dishech such as pizzas, pasta or meat dishes like ribs, chicken wings, burguers and BBQ meats. As a garnish for the meat, you can also make french... Read more

Arbequina & Harissa, press release

22 April 2019

Castillo de Canena presents its Arbequina & Harissa oil, a burst of balanced, piquant, fresh flavour   The company has created its own special, unique Harissa sauce recipe (made with dried red peppers, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway seeds), and superbly blended it with its Arbequina oil The aromas and flavours of this spice mix are combined in perfect harmony with a base... Read more

Sea Bass, Green Pea Hummus, Chili Lentils & our Early Royal

17 April 2019

Holy Week it's here!!!! If you have run out of ideas to create interesting dishes on this vacation, here we show a very simple and healthy recipe. It's created by the international chef and nutrition expert Anna Chiarini, with whom we are pleased to collaborate, since in her new book "The Art of Eating Healthy" she shows many recipes cooked with our extra virgin olive oils, all accompanied of... Read more

Roasted potatoes with sour cream, caviar & arbequino olive oil delicately smoked

12 April 2019

Ingredients Roasted or cooked potatoes Sour Cream (bought or homemade) Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castillo de Canena Arbequino Delicately Smoked Caviar Paris 1925 Chives Preparation The preparation of this recipe is very simple. You just have to place the ingredients the way you like. First, open the potatoes in half, and mix with a little sour cream. Then, you can sprinkle the... Read more

Arbequina & Plankton press release

04 April 2019

Created with the collaboration of Ángel León, The Chef of the Sea Castillo de Canena presents its Arbequina & Plankton oil, the first extra virgin olive oil with marine microalgae   A world first, this oil offers unlimited gastronomic and culinary possibilities. With a pronounced aroma and a bold taste of the sea, it is combined with the green, fruitiness of fresh olive... Read more

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