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Avocado Ice cream & our Arbequina Family Reserve

16 August 2019

To make you more comfortable the return of vacations with this warmth... We bring you a new recipe from the International Chef and nutrition expert Anna Chiarini!!! Delicious avocado ice cream!!! As always, you can find this recipe in her book "The Art of Eating Healthy", where there are also 42 other delicious and healthy recipes, accompanied by our extra virgin olive oils. Avocado ice cream... Read more


12 August 2019

Tomorrow starts the OBON festival in Japan, and what better way to start it than preparing a sushi recipe with butterfish, caviar Paris and our delicious Arbequina&World Asia!! OBON is one of the most important festivals of Japanese traditions. Although there are several celebration dates, it is generally held in mid-August, between the 13th and 15th, making it the great summer festival.... Read more

Our olive trees now at the Doñana National Park

06 August 2019

Trebujena, in the province of Cadiz, and the Doñana National Park, have welcomed 100 centenary olive trees from Castillo de Canena that come to enrich its long list of natural heritage. Olive groves have been cultivated in Trebujena since at least the fifteenth century. Now, after a very intense month of work, Castillo de Canena and Martinete del Guadalquivir have managed to make an old dream... Read more

We received the Innovation Award from the Superior School of Olive Oil

02 August 2019

We were awarded with the "Innovation Award" from the Superior School of Olive Oil in Valencia for our new oils Arbequina&Harissa... Read more

We cooperate with the Oleicum Cooking School

25 July 2019

We have signed a collaboration project with the Oleicum  Cooking School . This is an Integral Training Centre for hotel and catering professionals, with a global educational offer for new students and professionals seeking specialisation and learning in the world of Tourism and Hospitality through private and official training. This project is such a great value for our Corporate Social... Read more