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Certification British Retail Consortium (BRC)

08 May 2019

THE YEAR IN WHICH THE BRC STANDARD WAS INTRODUCED: 1998 SCOPE: ‘Packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Smoked Arbequino Oil smoked with oak wood and Arbequino Oil with essential oils in glass bottles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaged in plastic containers or aluminium cans.’ DESCRIPTION: The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the Global Food Safety Standard that was developed to specify... Read more

Competition rules for the V Luis Vaño Prize

07 May 2019

Since the early 1980’s Luis Vañó, a true son of Jaén by birth and by conviction, has dedicated all his energies to promoting innovation and constant improvement in olive cultivation and olive oil production. At a time when few others were thinking in these terms, he looked to different fields of scientific knowledge to strengthen his companies and make them more competitive. With this Call... Read more

Eating Suggestion Arbequina & Plankton

30 April 2019

Our new Arbequina & Plankton Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural, vegan and gluten free. Created from the best fresh olives, and infused with marine phytoplankton, it is a great source of omega 3 and vitamins E and B12. Here are some ideas for you to prepare your own recipes with this amazing sea oil. Eating Suggestion This type of oil with great taste and marine aroma is ideal for... Read more

Eating Suggestion Arbequina & Harissa

26 April 2019

The new Olive Oil Arbequina & Harissa is made with our own recipe of the aromatic Harissa sauce, composed of dried red pepper, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway. EATING SUGGESTION  This Olive Oil is perfect to accompany main dishech such as pizzas, pasta or meat dishes like ribs, chicken wings, burguers and BBQ meats. As a garnish for the meat, you can also make french... Read more

Arbequina & Harissa, press release

22 April 2019

Castillo de Canena presents its Arbequina & Harissa oil, a burst of balanced, piquant, fresh flavour   The company has created its own special, unique Harissa sauce recipe (made with dried red peppers, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway seeds), and superbly blended it with its Arbequina oil The aromas and flavours of this spice mix are combined in perfect harmony with a base... Read more

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