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Biodynamic Farming: How to grow olive trees the way the Ancient Romans did

09 January 2019

We share with you a very complete article by our general director, Francisco Vañó, on biodynamics, which has been recently published by the renowned sector magazine ALMACEITE:   Biodynamic Farming: How to grow olive trees the way the Ancient Romans did When my sister Rosa and I started the project Castillo de Canena fifteen years ago, we were building on the solid foundation passed on... Read more

The Best of 2018

27 December 2018

Once again and with all our love, we thank you for trusting in our EVOOs again this year that is almost already over. We wish you all the best for 2019, we hope you will have a New Year full of good things and that your best wishes will be fulfilled. Here we remember with you some of the best moments of 2018! Again maximum score in the prestigious FLOS OLEI Our EVOO certified with... Read more

We travel around the world to say goodbye to the year!

13 December 2018

We say goodbye to the year 2018 making a gastronomic trip around the world ... and without leaving home! Thanks to our Arbequina & World olive oil we will be able to travel to the other side of the planet with our palate, bringing the most characteristic aromas and nuances to our dishes ... and the best of all is that we will do it through such simple recipes as delicious ... Take your... Read more

Cheese Macaroons in Africa

13 December 2018

Stylish and colorful macaroons in the middle of an African safari! The cheese along with the sweet and enigmatic touch of Arbequina & World Africa will conquer you! INGREDIENTS For macaroons (you can also buy already made): 30 g. sugar, 110 g sugar glass, 50 g. egg whites, 60 g. of ground almonds and dyes if we want For the filling: Torta del Casar cheese (or another creamy cheese)... Read more

The most Nordic caviar blinis in Europe

13 December 2018

We're going to the Nordic countries! INGREDIENTS Blinis Salmon or trout roe Sour cream Arbequina & World Europa (99.5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina Castillo de Canena + Dill seed, caraway, nutmeg and coriander seed)   PREPARATION Place a teaspoon of sour cream and caviar on the blinis and finish with a few drops of our new Arbequina & World Europe olive oil that... Read more

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