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Castillo de Canena’s 100% native Reforestation Project

16 January 2015

As many of you already know, in November 2012 we began reforesting part of our farm with Iberian native species. It started in order to support the philosophy of Biodynamic agriculture, but now, our desire is to achieve the total tree regeneration of our estate. For a more genuine reforestation and, despite the big effort involved, our goal is to use just indigenous genetic material from our own... Read more

Do you want to see how we celebrate the last days of the year?!

23 December 2014

NEW PROJECTS AND MEETING OF ALL CASTILLO DE CANENA'S TEAM We see no better way to end the year 2014 that with the signature of a new agreement with the University of Cordoba (UCO) in order to develop three new projects in our farm! Agreement signed yesterday in the morning will last three years (renewable), and it will develope different and very interesting topics related to the influence of... Read more

The new trendy gastronomic words

05 November 2014

These are some of the most international trendy gastronomic terms and the magazine S Moda of the Spanish journal El Pais has decided to explain them in one article with the help of Mr.Victor Gonzálvez, president of the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture: Ecologic/Organic "Organic and Biological mean the same: food that has grow according to the European Regulation EC 834/2007 AE, which... Read more

Surprise this morning!

24 October 2014

Horses among our olive trees Walking around our olive grove... look what we found this morning! Horses drinking from a natural watering hole!! Wonderful! As you know, thanks to our olive oil of biodynamic agriculture, we have different animals which cohabit with our olive trees, among them, horses and sheeps. Don't you love it?? :) October... Read more

Collecting honey from our farm

22 September 2014

This year's honey is of a very high quality We have collected the honey from our olive grove! Yes, you have read right... thanks to our biodynamic farming, we have bees panels in our olive grove. This year's honey is of a very high quality, denser & darker than the last year. As for tasting, Eucalyptus predominate as the last year, but accompanied by flower thyme and other... Read more

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