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Surprise this morning!

24 October 2014

Horses among our olive trees Walking around our olive grove... look what we found this morning! Horses drinking from a natural watering hole!! Wonderful! As you know, thanks to our olive oil of biodynamic agriculture, we have different animals which cohabit with our olive trees, among them, horses and sheeps. Don't you love it?? :) October... Read more

Collecting honey from our farm

22 September 2014

This year's honey is of a very high quality We have collected the honey from our olive grove! Yes, you have read right... thanks to our biodynamic farming, we have bees panels in our olive grove. This year's honey is of a very high quality, denser & darker than the last year. As for tasting, Eucalyptus predominate as the last year, but accompanied by flower thyme and other... Read more

We have produced 1 million Kg of biomass!

19 September 2014

Good news !!!! VALORIZA has certified that we have produced 911 tonnes of prunning, it means, nearly one million kg. of biomass with an average humidity of 16%! Of course, it will be used to produce clean energy! We are more than proud! :) :) September... Read more

The importance of bees

27 August 2014

Bees are essential to the continuation of most crops worldwide. Currently, the mortality of these pollinating insects is increasing internationally, and reasons are unknown. Disappearance of bees is a phenomenon that has been observed worldwide. Pollination of crops for food production depends on these insects. In this scenario, there are different investigations for analyzing it but they show... Read more

Biodynamic EVOO in a nutshell

12 August 2014

We want to describe our latest project in a fun and briefly way: our Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! As the infographic says, it is EVOO, Picual varietal and it has received DEMETER certification because for its production, we respect ALL biodynamic agriculture processes :) August... Read more

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