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Attaining the renowned EPD certification, a certified environmental declaration

28 May 2014

We have cut back our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30% Since our most recent Carbon Footprint Certification, we have cut back our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30%. We can attribute this to, among other factors, the use of compost as natural fertilizer; the use of pruning waste biomass to produce clean electricity; the maximisation of water resources and subsequent energy savings; the... Read more

Castillo de Canena signs a collaboration agreement with UNIA

23 May 2014

We’ve signed an agreement with UNIA in order to encourage training & research on the olive sector Francisco Vañó & José Domingo Martínez Sánchez We have signed a cooperation agreement with the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) in order to promote the organization of academic and research activities related to olive oil. The agreement will last 4 years and represents... Read more

The role of the vegetal cover in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, University of Granada & Castillo de Canena

20 May 2014

Castillo de Canena collaborates with the University of Granada in order to analyze the role of the vegetal cover in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere Our land, Castillo de Canena The project will last four years and two different plots will be analyzed : one where herbicides will be applied and another in which native plants will grow freely. Castillo de Canena and the University of Granada... Read more

Early Royal: the best light fruity EVOO in the world

14 May 2014

The  best light fruity in the world (Flos Olei) Early Royal has been voted as "THE BEST FRUITY THE WORLD", by the prestigious international guide FLOS OLEI to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Marco Oreggia, gastronomic critic and author of this guide, has awarded our Early Royal with the maximum score ( 98 points over 98). Since it was launched, this AOVE has won many national and international... Read more

XXIS Century Oils

14 May 2014

Innovation for a gastronomic sensorial experience "SXXI Century Oils" (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and... Read more

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