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Carbolivar project is being implanted!

16 July 2014

We have already installed the 2 towers of the project Carbolivar project, carried out by experts from the University of Cordoba and the University of Jaen, will lasts 4 years and aims to measure the ability of the vegetation cover of our olive groves to fix CO2 and other greenhouse greenhouse  by sophisticated instruments. It has been delimited 2 plots, one of them is allowed to... Read more

Our Biodynamic EVOO at “Fuera de Serie” Spanish publication

23 June 2014

Last publication about our biodynamic EVOO Since its official introduction, there have been many international & national media interested in our latest project: BIODYNAMIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castillo de Canena. Now, we want to share with you the last article published by "Fuera de Serie" magazine (by Expansion Spanish Newspaper) and by the Sunday supplement of El Mundo Newspaper Hope... Read more

Discovery among the olive trees…

11 June 2014

BIODIVERSITY GROWS ON OUR FARM Look what we have found among the olive trees!! It's a grasshopper on a Scolymus Hispanicus!!  It shows how flora & fauna get closer, and the importance of sustainable agriculture to increase biodiversity... Read more

Olive tree flower

03 June 2014

We love the olive grove during spring We want to share with you some pics of the grove. These days of spring, olive trees are totally flowered... don't you think that is gorgeous?!! :)... Read more

Attaining the renowned EPD certification, a certified environmental declaration

28 May 2014

We have cut back our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30% Since our most recent Carbon Footprint Certification, we have cut back our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30%. We can attribute this to, among other factors, the use of compost as natural fertilizer; the use of pruning waste biomass to produce clean electricity; the maximisation of water resources and subsequent energy savings; the... Read more