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XXIS Century Oils

14 May 2014

Innovation for a gastronomic sensorial experience "SXXI Century Oils" (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and... Read more

Livestock in the olive grove as a system of diversifying the local economy

09 May 2014

May 11th, ECOLIVA 2014, Puente de Génave (Jaén, Spain) Next Sunday, May 11th,  we will participate in a Round Table where we will share ideas and opinions on "livestock in the olive grove as a system of diversifying the local economy," a very interesting topic for the efficient development of the olive grove. The Round Table will be held during the international exhibition “Ecological olive... Read more

BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena Presentation

25 April 2014

We have officially launched our first Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIODYNAMIC! Francisco Vañó & Rosa Vañó at the presentation Yesterday, during a breakfast-brunch, we officially announced our new project: BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena . We shared the breakfast, which had exclusively biodynamic and organic products, with different gastronomic critics and specific press of the sector who... Read more

BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena

12 February 2014

We have launched our first extra virgin olive oil certified as BIODYNAMIC by Demeter! What is the meaning of BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena? BIODYNAMIC EVOO Castillo de Canena owns DEMETER Certification that guarantees correct compliance with ALL of the BIODYNAMIC agricultural processes. BIODYNAMIC agriculture seeks complete integration and harmony with the surrounding ecosystem and the... Read more

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