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Our new Chrysopidae´s farm

05 August 2013

A few days ago we opened a Chrysopidae´s farm to promote biological warfare against certain insect pests. Chrysopidae´s farm It is a totally innocuous that respects the ecosystem and the natural balance of species. The Chrysopidaes are insects of the order Neuroptera successfully controlling endemic olive pests, such as prays. Chrysopidae´s larva The boxes where chrysopidaes are... Read more

Castillo de Canena first Integrated Producers of olive oil to certify their Carbon Footprint

15 May 2013

Castillo de Canena is the first Integrated Producer of extra virgin olive oil capable of monitoring its carbon footprint. Following an exhaustive analysis of all the stages of growth and commercialisation, the auditing firm Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has certified the carbon dioxide emissions required to produce one bottle of this famous oil. The company is now undertaking to reduce this figure... Read more

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