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First, we prepare a “short broth” that contains mainly leek, carrot, onion, fresh herbs, rosemary, and a little celery. Let it cook for a few minutes and introduce the sea bass with its skin and everything. Turn off the fire and let the broth cool down with the sea bass inside. We will see that when we take out the sea bass, the skin is perfectly removed.

Due to the Christmas season, we have used a Champagne and made a champagne sauce.

For the sauce we propose to use shallots which have more flavor than onion. Fry it with EVOO. Once they are golden, add a glass of champagne.

On the other hand, we make a traditional mayonnaise with our Family Reserve Picual EVOO.

Once it is ready, join the fried shallots and champagne with the mayonnaise. Spread it over the sea bass already free of its skin.

It is versatile because we can eat it cold or if we prefer it hot, we’ll give it a bake by letting the mixture of shallot, mayonnaise and champagne roast (it will be grilled and left as a soufflé).

As a garnish, we propose some onions. We have different options, cook it or preserved with a little red wine, sugar and a good vinegar.

When serving, we aan finish with a touch of chives that always gives a touch of color and texture.

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