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Mini colourful tofu burgers & veal burgers


Small colourful burgers bread

Tofu hamburgers

Chopped veal meet

Boiled beets burger_halloween_recipe_olive_oil_Castillo_de_Canena

1 clove garlic, minced

Dried oregano



Ketchup Sauce

Soy sauce

EVOO Arbequina&Co 01 & 02

Dijon mustard



– Meat burgers: In the mixer, mix well beets together with the garlic and oregano. Mix the dough well together with the chopped beef afterwards. Make small balls and then crush them in order to have shaped hamburger.

Grill the meat burgers and the tofu ones (bought prepared for cooking).

Lightly toast the mini colourful hamburger breads.

On the other hand, we prepare two sauces:

– Mix ketchup sauce with a few drops of soy sauce and Arbequina&Co 01 to taste.

– Add a few drops (to taste) of Arbequina&Co 02 to the Dijon mustard.

These small colourful burgers will surprise everyone on Halloween!!

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