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Corporate Credo


The Castillo de Canena Group, with its long olive-growing history, has achieved a position of leadership in the sector of top-shelf EVOOs by offering highest quality artisan-grown oils, while satisfying the needs of our consumers in quality, flavor, image, health and information.  Our products enjoy distribution in over 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Peru. 

Within the world of premium EVOOs we have received the highest awards and our products have been described as “the finest oils in the world.” We pursue excellence in the quality of our products with a deep commitment to sustainability, manifest in our many environmental efforts:  photovoltaic energy plants, green ground-cover throughout the property to reduce erosion and conserve native species, bee-keeping, the use of pruning wastes as a source of non-pollutant biomass energy, and a firm decision to shift towards organic and biodynamic farming. 

All of this is thanks to the daily work of the human team that makes up this Group. Through its professionalism and dedication all these achievements have been made possible. 

In order to continue to grow it is essential that we continue promoting the intangible values that already form part of the our company’s spirit: responsibility, respect, dedication, motivation… values that allow us to confront our weaknesses and threats to our sector, as well as take advantage of our strengths to reaffirm our leading position and seek new opportunities. The implantation of the SGE21 Certification is a key tool, as it will help us to quantify and communicate these intangible social, environmental and good-governance values throughout our value chain. 

For this reason this Corporate Credo, as part of our DNA as a company, will be the principle instrument that ensures that all our workers are aware of and attend to the challenges we face each day. Together with our long experience, this will allow us to continue to produce and market the finest premium EVOOs in the world with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability, and permit us to offer all our stakeholders the highest quality from a position of social responsibility.



Fluid and transparent communication

We must all obey the law, behave with integrity and honesty in our personal lives and in the workplace, and take responsibility for our actions. Transparency, motivation, and empathy are fundamental in achieving multi-disciplinary teamwork, including ongoing training and the use of the most advanced technologies. We have the obligation to communicate any conduct we may detect that is not aligned with the ethical standards of the Group.

To fully uphold this commitment, it is necessary that we relay any behavior that violates the precepts of this document to our superiors. Employees have two channels through which they may report such conduct in complete confidentiality.  All communications will be received and addressed in good faith, thereby ensuring the development of good ethics and adherence to standards within the Group.

These two channels, conceived to resolve questions, make suggestions and/or report infractions are an email address ( and suggestions boxes available in every workplace.

Commitment, efficiency and personal development 

The Castillo de Canena Group provides a work environment in which employees participate in the strategic objectives of the company, and can develop both personally and professionally. To this end, all the members of the team must be informed and aware of the general objectives of the company and must act with dedication and efficiency, making rational use of their work time.  This will contribute to their professional and personal growth.

We should all take an active role in our own professional development, broadening our abilities and continually updating our knowledge while sharing this new knowledge with our colleagues.

Labor rights and work-life balance 

Human capital is the most precious asset of our Group. We not only uphold a “zero tolerance” rule with respect to any form of discrimination, harassment or violation of labor rights (as recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), we also give great importance to work-family balance, adapting schedules to the specific needs of each worker with the full flexibility that might reasonably be needed.

The Group is committed to not employing any child labor or forced labor, whether directly or indirectly, and guarantees the freedom of association, of opinion and of expression for all its workers, as well as the right to collective bargaining.

As a result, a respect for labor rights should be upheld in all the professional actions of all employees.

Health and Safety in the Workplace 

All workers perform their tasks in safe and hygienic environments as established in the Group’s plans for workplace safety and risk-prevention.

The Castillo de Canena Group’s Risk-Prevention Policy aims to ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy, thus guaranteeing employees’ rights to the protection of their health and physical and moral integrity.

To this end, all employees should be familiar with and rigorously comply with the health and safety rules established by the company. Moreover, all employees have the right and the responsibility to report any situation in which the health and safety of workers is being put at risk. The channels available for such communications are the email address ( and/or the suggestions boxes available in all workplaces.

Equal opportunity 

The Castillo de Canena Group assumes responsibility for providing a work environment in which discrimination for reasons of sex, race, ideology, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability or any other personal, physical or social condition is not tolerated, and in which diversity is respected and valued. To this end, all employees shall help to create work environments in which the equality policies of the group are upheld.

All those who have managerial positions with respect to other co-workers shall be objective and balanced in their tasks of selection and promotion, as well as in the establishment of pay conditions, training and evaluation.  All these actions shall take place free of any form of discrimination and shall be based exclusively upon the efforts, personal merit and productivity of the individual.

Responsible use of information

On occasions we have access to information that has not yet been made public (future R+D+i projects, certifications, etc.) that is of great importance for the development and growth of the Group.  This information shall not be released.

The information we provide shall be accurate, updated and complete, in order to be able to make reliable decisions.

  • Confidentiality of information and data protection

Confidential information, whether about the company or about employees or clients shall be protected according to the Data Protection Law.

  • Resource management and protection and responsible use of company goods.

All members of the Group shall procure to make rational, logical and careful use of the material resources of the Group.



Brand and image of the Group 

At Castillo de Canena we consider that our brand image and corporate reputation are among our most important assets.

For this reason all members of the team shall make sure that their actions and conduct in no way damage the image and reputation of the Group.  No employee may make use of the name or the brand Castillo de Canena for uses other than those permitted by the Organization.

Quality customer service and correct competitiveness 

We continually work to improve the array and the quality of our products and services, as well as to establish relationships of trust and mutual respect with our clients.

We have a firm commitment to compete both actively and fairly in the market, respecting the norms of the free market and upholding standards of fair competition.

To this effect, all employees shall make it a priority to achieve excellence in customer service, both internally and externally, fulfilling their obligations rapidly and rigorously. All employees shall make an effort to attend to and to understand our clients, anticipating their needs and seeking to satisfy these efficiently.  To this end employees shall provide clear and accurate information about the products and services we offer.

All employees should place the interests of the company and of the client above their own personal interests, and not provide false or misleading information about the competition, nor use such information to undermine or discredit competitors.

No employee shall behave in such a way as to impede, restrict or falsify the activity of competitors. Specifically, employees shall not participate in the fixing of prices or any similar action in the name of the Group. Employees shall also abstain from accepting payments or goods as compensation for their set and regulated work. Exempt from this are courtesy gifts of symbolic value and publicity, according to the internal rules regarding contracts and expenses.

 Relationship to purveyors 

Relations with purveyors should be based upon the quality of the services and the products they offer and in the integrity of their business practices, thus ensuring transparency, equal treatment and the use of objective criteria in their selection, as well as socially responsible action as established in the internal hiring rules.

The selection of products and the hiring of services from third parties must be carried out on the basis of objective technical, professional and economic criteria, with specific attention to the needs and interests of the Group, and in accord with internal regulations on selection and hiring.

Relations may not be established with purveyors that break the law or violate the basic principles established in this ethical Credo.

No employee may receive or offer money in commissions or tips, nor gifts or favors of any kind to or from purveyors.

Relations with society

This Group considers loyalty an essential value, one which in no way excludes the possibility of employees carrying out other professional or entrepreneurial activities as long as these activities are legal and do not enter into conflict with the interests of the Company or with their responsibilities as employees of the Group.


  • Employees shall act with loyalty in defense of the interests of the Company;
  • Employees shall abstain from participating in any professional or personal activity that might give rise to conflicts of interest with the work of the Group. Likewise employees shall abstain from representing the Group, intervening in or influencing decision making in matters in which they themselves, family members or other close relations might have a personal interest, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Employees that might be affected by a conflict of interests should report it to the management of their organization prior to the making of any related decisions so that the management may take the necessary measures to avoid any threat to the organization’s impartiality.

With respect to corruption and bribery, the Group is against any unethical conduct intended to inappropriately influence the actions or will of third parties in order to gain advantage of any kind.

Therefore no employee should accept nor offer any form of bribe nor offer advantages to third parties at the service of any organization (public or private) or political party in order to reap profits or do business, irrespective of its nature. All employees should report any cases of corruption they may be aware of to the email and/or to the suggestions/complaints/claims box available in all workplaces.


Intervention policy 

The action of the Group is based upon the principle of ethical and socially responsible conduct, which is defined as one of the Group’s pillars and is fully detailed in the Social Responsibility Policy.

Employees shall adapt their actions to the principles defined in the Social Responsibility Policy approved by the Group.

Environmental policy

The Group has a very strict Environmental Policy that establishes the harmonious coexistence between the environment and our commercial interests, the development of environmental management strategies and the promotion of environmental responsibility as essential criteria for any action.

In our Group we have long been firm defenders of the sustainability of the olive plantations on our property, understanding the concept of sustainability to entail keeping levels of agricultural production within the limits of what can be naturally renewed. That is, we try to leave natural ecosystems for our children that have greater soil fertility and better environmental quality than those we inherited from our parents.

Because we control the entire chain of production and the whole cycle of the EVOOs we produce, we have been able to communicate this philosophy—which forms part of our Corporate Credo—to our consumers, making them participants in these intangible values of the company. Our understanding of sustainability and our concern for climate change have impelled us to take a series of ongoing strategic measures on our property that encourage biodiversity and environmental health, use renewable energy, constantly increase the portion of our land being managed according to organic and biodynamic standards, promote ongoing research on the biological control of pests and sicknesses that effect olive trees, and optimize the use of natural resources that are, by definition, scarce.

Therefore all employees shall accept and respect the company’s Environmental Policy, upholding at all times the standards established in this document.

Information transparency 

The trust granted to the Group by our various stakeholders is founded upon the transparent, accurate and complete information the company provides on all aspects of its activity.

Therefore, all employees shall ensure that the information provided is precise, clear and accurate.


Failures to uphold this Credo will be analyzed and handled by the CSR Committee in accord with its operating protocols, and will resolved in accord with relevant internal and external regulations.

All workers as well as distributors and sales agents shall be made aware of any sanctions imposed as a consequence of failure to uphold the Corporate Credo or any of the internal or external regulations of the Group. 

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